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The StepMother - Part 3

Brad couldn't stop himself from reaching for his cock and beginning to stroke it.

It was as though she was performing for him and only him.

He watched, like an eager young boy, as StepMother applied soap to a cloth and began to lather herself up with it.

She spent a considerable amount of time softly and slowly rubbing her breasts, cupping them in her hands and slightly moaning.

The soap was glistening against her perfect skin and he had to stifle his gasps. He was mesmerized by the sight of the bubbles running over her erect nipples and gorgeous nails, utilizing every ounce of self control to stop himself from going to her.

Brad had given this considerable thought, as she was always in his head for one reason or another.

He was almost afraid to approach her and divulge all the dirty thoughts she had provided him with over the past 4 years.

If she rejected him, perhaps even told his father, he would be kicked out of the estate home and would no longer be able to hide behind doors and watch her.

His cock was now rock hard, throbbing to be set free from the constraints of his hands.

The wet spot his precum was leaving had grown, and he watched her licking her lips, imagining she was lapping up all his juice.

As though they were connected on some other level, she looked towards his hiding place and smiled a slow, lazy and devilish grin.

He felt as though he was about to lose his load but he wasn’t ready yet. And neither was she.

She had rinsed the soap from her body and was hiking one leg up on the edge of the tub.

She used one perfectly manicured hand to spread her pussy lips, and the other to begin working her clit.

It seemed as though they were in sync, as true lovers always seem to be.

The more he stroked his cock, which he had by now released through the zipper of his jeans, the more intensive her clit massage became.

Focused on her pink pussy, shaved and smooth, slick with the cascading water, he willed her to cum with him.

He watched in an evil type of delight as she slid two fingers inside.

Her mouth dropped open and she did nothing to silence her sounds of sex.

He was stroking himself harder and faster, and it was as though she mirrored his actions.

She was slamming her fingers, three now, deep and fast into her wet twat and, and he could no longer hold back

He exploded in orgasm, in sync with her.

He had to bury his face in his arm to stifle his cries, but she did nothing to contain hers.

The sounds she made were enough to drive anyone, man or woman, into a place of pure sexual satisfaction.

His cock was pulsating and erupting with a massive load, and he longed to be shooting it down her throat. And in her pussy, on her face, between her tits, and all over her ass. His desire to cover her in his cum was driving him insane,but he knew she was meant to be his. At east sexually.

He watched as she leaned back against the shower wall, letting the water run over her, and thought she had never looked so beautiful.

Brad knew, more than ever, that one day he would look into her eyes as her body quivered and shook on his rod.

He zipped his pants as she braced herself against the shower wall. He wasn’t sure if he imagined it, but he could swear that she looked towards him once again and blew him a kiss from her plump and glossy lips.

He knew, deep inside, that this entire episode was well orchestrated by her, for his pleasure.

She wanted him, ached for him, the same way he wanted her.

Brad knew it was only a matter of time until they crossed that line and made a taboo obsession a mind bowling reality.

For now, he would satisfy himself with her image, her voice, or the scent of her perfume.

Soon, very soon…he thought as he walked the length of the hall to clean himself up before someone saw him

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