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Step Mother: Part 4

The moment had arrived. There was no doubt in his mind. Somehow, he had managed to convince himself that she shared his desire to turn their fantasy into reality.

Neither Brad nor his stepmother had ever experienced a passion and longing quite like this before. It was a sensation that demanded fulfillment, an itch that needed to be scratched.

Their gazes would often meet across the table, each glance charged with unspoken desire. Brad became acutely aware of his own reactions, like the involuntary act of licking his lips when she sensually crossed and uncrossed her elegantly contoured legs.

She made no effort to ignore the undeniable arousal that seemed to be a constant presence for him now. The pretense was gone.

There was no longer any point in denying the ache and yearning that had taken control of their thoughts and intentions.

As the Saturday evening sun set, his stepmother emerged from her opulent suite and coincidentally crossed paths with Brad in the library of the sprawling 10,000-square-foot mansion that belonged to his father.

He sensed her presence before catching a whiff of her alluring fragrance, before feeling the magnetic pull she seemed to exude.

At the bar, his back still turned to her, he spoke softly, "Hello, Tori. Care for a drink? I've just uncorked an exquisite bottle of Pinot Noir."

Instead of replying, she cleared her throat, inhaling and exhaling deeply. The tension they had been building seemed to hang in the air.

He knew that the moment he turned to face her, everything they had kept concealed just beneath the surface, all those fantasies they had relegated to the realm of imagination, would be forever transformed in an unforgettable evening—a memory he would frequently revisit.

Tori wore a champagne-colored dress with a plunging neckline, adorned with glistening gemstones. She seemed almost nude, save for the myriad of tiny diamonds that illuminated her flawless skin. Nude stockings with a delicate back seam, and golden-sparkled shoes, adorned her legs. Her deep amber hair gleamed as if spun from silk. The crystal chandelier above, its gemstones twinkling and casting a soft glow, played a gentle symphony against her exquisite form. She was a sight that truly left him breathless.

With each graceful step, she drew nearer, her approach a spectacle of beauty in itself. Extending a perfectly manicured hand, she accepted the glass of wine he offered.

He knew, once he turned to look at her, that everything they had both kept buried just below the surface, everything they had treated as only fantasy until now, would be forever lost in an evening he would never forget but often relive in his mind.

“Thank you” she said, close enough that he could feel the moist air of her breath. Her fingertip touched his hand and she locked eyes with him for a brief moment. Her lips looked as though they were dripping in honey, and he had a difficult time focusing.

“So, Bradley dear” she began as she walked to a nearby arm chair, “I have a favor to ask”.

They both knew the asking part was merely a formality, as he would give her the world without hesitation.

She was, without doubt, his epitome of a sexual goddess, and the fact that she was well aware of it and used it as her super power made her that much more exciting and desirable.

Taking a sip and nodding in approval of the fine wine she continued. “Your father is not going to be able to get a flight back in time to join me this evening.”.

Brad’s heart was pounding, every breath seeming like an eternity as she went on.

“We have reservations at an amazing new restaurant in Georgetown and I'd hate to miss out.”

“I’ll go”, Brad almost shouted.

“Good lord boy, keep it in your pants! At least let me extend a proper invitation!”

“I’m sorry” he managed to stammer.

“So, as I was saying” she continued as she walked towards him, “I’d like you to be my dinner date,” she finished as her hand reached out to touch his arm, “and I’d like to be your dessert date”.

He couldn’t believe that she was being so blunt, and momentarily thought he may be misinterpreting what she was offering.

Any doubt quickly dissipated as she leaned into him whispering “I can guarantee you that I’ll be more enjoyable in the flesh than in all those fantasies you’ve been having.”

Gulping in air, trying to stop the room from spinning, Brad was finally able to find his voice. A hoarse whisper flowed from his gaping mouth as he somehow stammered his acceptance of her offer.

Her smile widened, and as he began losing himself in them, she leaned into him and gave him the briefest of kisses. He couldn’t focus, couldn’t move as she began what would prove to be the most mind blowing seduction he would ever bear witness to.

She ran her finger across his lips, slowly moving downward and over his chest. Leaning into him she whispered, in a voice filled with want and desire, “I want this as much as you do my sweet boy”.

She allowed her finger to move lower, purposely tracing the outline of his cock now straining against his jeans. “My my, I do believe we have a little precum here,” she said.

Before he could manage a response she lowered herself onto the exquisite Turkish rug, and, taking his ass into her hands, pulled him into her, his cock feeling like fire as she moved her lips over the outline.

The feel of her breath through the fabric was better than any blow job he had ever been privy to. Not wanting to explode this prematurely in the dance, he reached down and pulled her up, their faces mere inches apart.

Any nervousness he had ever felt around her suddenly dissipated. Placing his hands in her silky hair he brought her to his waiting lips.

They kissed slowly, each moment sweet torture before finally losing themselves in a passionate embrace, a deep French kiss that sent shivers down their spines, an electric connection that spoke volumes without a single word.

He felt as though he would explode at any moment, his cock seemingly beating, throbbing in unison with his pounding heart.

He moved his hands over her skin, thinking it was softer than he could have ever imagined. She felt like the petals of a rose, smooth and flawless beneath his touch.

He pulled her in closer, wanting to devour her lips and somehow managed to push aside the straps of the flimsy silk dress she was wearing. How would later recall thinking that even the pricey, exquisite silk of her dress shied in comparison to the feel of her flesh.

The rhythm they quickly established seemed like one of long time lovers. Every movement a well orchestrated bit of fulfilling his deepest fantasies.

“We have to save something for dessert” she explained in a throaty whisper, “but I’m about to have a taste of the appetizer”.

With that she led him to the velvet chaise lounge, seating herself on the luxurious red fabric. She reached forward and unzipped his pants, looking into his eyes as she did. His manhood sprung loose, literally landing against the lips that had captivated him in sweet fantasizing for years.

She licked the head, slowly satisfying her hunger as well as his, as she enjoyed the delectable taste of his precum. Moving her lips lower, her tongue continued its journey down to his aching balls, full and ready with a load just for her.

He lost his balance, and needing to steady himself, he placed his hands against her bare shoulders. She was already outliving every thought, every dream, every masturbation session where he thought of nothing but her, when her mouth reached his balls.

She lowered her hands and expertly placed one of his testacles into her mouth, sucking as though he were a ripe piece of fruit. She seemed to sense when he was about to explode and she moved her tongue, tracing her way over his balls, back up the throbbing vein to the head, now freely leaking more precum than he had ever had before.

She took him into her mouth and time seemed to stand still. She sucked on him as though she had an eager aching need to drain him, and harder than any woman he’d had before. Once again she reached around and grasped his bare cheeks, pulling him into her throat until he was lost in the delicious heaven of this delectable woman.

She moved her succulent lips, taking him in and out as though fucking him with her mouth, until his legs began to tremble. He would later recall shock at the fact that he could still stand at that moment. Somehow she seemed to manage the words “come on baby, I want it all” as he lost himself in the most exquisite orgasm he had ever experienced, thankful the house was empty as he cried out.

His load was full and she took every bit of it, gulping it down as it filled her mouth. He looked down at her, meeting her stare as he moved back, his cock leaving her warm mouth. He felt himself immediately grow hard again as she licked the last drops away, moaning as though enjoying the most amazing feast.

He reached down and pulled her to a standing position as she kissed him long and deep, sharing the musky taste of his cum.

Then, leaning into his body she said “time to get ready for dinner my sweet boy. We need to save something for later”…………..

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