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The StepMother - An ongoing story of Brad and his taboo fantasy

His attempt to quickly lower his eyes as she turned towards him was an exercise in futility. They both knew he was hooked. The spell she had cast upon him left him helpless, at best, in her presence.

He couldn’t hide the intense desire he felt for her, and he had long ago stopped trying.

This had become a game the two were playing, like the proverbial cat and mouse.

The way she toyed with him was sweet, excruciating torture, and he knew he was addicted to everything about her.

She knew he had been watching her, once again taking in every inch of the woman he so desperately wanted.

There was no way she couldn’t have noticed, he thought as his mouth hung open like a teenage boy, quickly realizing he was licking his lips in unison with her.

In an instant he would find himself retreating into his own fantasy land , living out every scenario imaginable with her in the depths of his mind.

He ached for the feel of her soft mouth, wondering how it would feel against his skin, how her kisses would taste.

Would she want to swallow him alive with insistent, urgent kisses? Would her gorgeous nails dig into his skin as she bit at his lower lip?

Or would she lightly run her tongue against him, her touch barely perceptible yet feeling like a live flame? Her breath moist and hot as she moved within a hair of his skin, then seemingly piercing his skin as her tongue touched him.

She continued to stare at him until he met her gaze, his cheeks beginning to blush as his cock grew rock hard.

He knew it was wrong, but he no longer felt shame over his desires. He had come to accept that the almost taboo nature of their relationship made the potential for sex with her part of the appeal.

She was 30 years older than him, and had been, for the most part, happily married to his father for the past 4 years.

But he also knew, beneath that facade of marital bliss, lay a woman with a hunger to match his own.

He knew the moments when she bent over in front of him, allowing a brief peek down her low cut blouse, were intended to fuel the fire.

She was never far from his thoughts, or view, as he had committed his daily routine to revolve around the few moments he could be with her.

Every morning he headed down the elegant staircase of the family manor to nestle himself into a lush velvet chair at the dining room table.

He would open the laptop and blow the steam off the top of his coffee as he watched her descend the stairs.

Her legs were long, slender and shapely. He knew that on the days she wore a dress with stockings, she would cross and uncross her legs to give him the slightest glimpse of the delicate lace at the top of her thighs. The sweet point where lace met the skin of her thighs, just a hands reach away from her slice of heaven.

He swore he could inhale the muskiness of her scent in that brief moment where her legs were open before him.

His father was indeed a lucky man, sharing his bed with the sexiest woman Brad had ever laid eyes on. He doubted the old man could give her what she wanted, hell he could barely make it up the stairs without gasping for air.

How could a man like that properly ride a woman like her? She was the epitome of sexuality, and, as she liked to say, she graduated to the head of the class when she went from MILF to GILF.

The sex appeal that oozed from every pore of her being told him she needed a real man, a young man, eager to please and to be pleased.

The fantasies he had formed were numerous, some revolving around passionate kisses and gentle lovemaking, while others began with her wanting to punish him from some perceived poor behavior on his part.

His favorite ones were a mix of the two emotions, her wanting to hold him close to her full and gorgeous breasts while stroking his hair and speaking softly to him. Slowly, gradually, she would wrap his hair in her fingers and suddenly snap his head back, forcing him to drink in the anger in her eyes.

So, whatdya think of my new fantasy story line? The smoking hot stepmother and the step son who has been punished by her withholding sex from him…..until now!

Get ready for this series which starts with the story, then the pics, and then the role play videos where you are my male co-star!

Spoiler alert - Brad gets to fuck the stepmom. And to kiss her, taste her, feel her skin moist with sweat against his. And, last but far from least, to be given JOI by someone as experienced as her (me!!)!!

You know you want to sit in front of me as I tell you how to touch yourself… you how to touch me…….cry out with you as we both climax, staring at each other through this fantasy that we bring to life!!!

So, away we go with Brad and StepMother!!

Part 2 : 2-7-23

Brad knew she was toying with him, and it was a game he thoroughly enjoyed.

He wondered how long the fantasy would be enough to satisfy him.

Would she ever invite him into her world of sexual expertise?

Did she daydream of him pounding into her while digging his fingers into her hips?

Was this just a game to her or was it the prelude to what would undoubtedly be the most erotic and satisfying sexual experience of his life?

His mind snapped back to reality as he walked down the hall to his suite.

He could hear a sultry and seductive tune playing softly and it didn't take long to realize it was coming from Mother’s site.

The door was slightly ajar, and he cautiously approached, peeking in through the crack.

The positioning of one of her mirrors provided a glimpse into her bathroom.

That door was open as well but he couldn’t see her.

He turned to walk away before someone saw him but as he did she stepped into view.

He felt his heart begin to pound as he watched, the rest of the world shut out and any thoughts of leaving tossed aside.

He watched as she adjusted the camera mounted on a tripod in front of her.

Seemingly satisfied with the view it provided, she stepped into the shower.

Seeing her clad in a small piece of material was maddening.

He willed her to take it off, but instead she began to move in an exquisite dance of seduction.

Her breasts were staining against the flimsy garment, and with each movement he saw more of her soft, lightly tanned skin.

Her legs were amazing and any man would love to have them wrapped tightly around him as she pulled him deeper inside.

He felt his cock beginning to throb beneath his trousers as she picked up the first bottle of water.

She poured it slowly over her breasts, her nipples immediately hardening.

He hoped and prayed no one else would come up the hall, because tearing himself away from the show she was providing was simply not an option for him.

He licked his lips, a sign of the all consuming hunger he had for her.

She looked towards the mirror, and it was as though she was looking at him.

Could she see him, like a naughty teenage boy, peering in through the crack as he stroked himself?

Could she see the wet spot beginning to form on his pants as the precum began?

He imagined she would delight in the sweet mess that he was making as he watched.

It was as though he and his StepMother were the only people in the world, and he knew, as she touched herself, cupping her breasts and bringing them up to her mouth, that this lover’s dance was intended for him.

Slowly, deliberately, she began to lower the straps of her now dripping wet shirt……….

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