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The Captain

Tori texted him from her car, letting him know she was downstairs waiting. She crawled over into the passenger seat, happy to let him drive her car through the tight garage.

He stepped out into the rain, his head hunched down against the downpour.

The rain had always had an incredible effect on Tori. The feel of the cool water against her skin, the smell of the air, seemingly cleansed, and the trembling she seemed to feel deep inside her as the sky rumbled and lit up for her. She could always feel the change in the air, the slight shift in the wind rippling over her like a lover. When she did, she would inevitably feel the spot deep inside her begin to tingle and spread warmth over her lady parts. The wetness would naturally follow, leaving her panties damp and lightly scented with her juice.

He stepped into the car and began kissing her before the door was shut. The Captains hands moved, almost roughly, over her full breasts.

He was tall, in shape, and very distinguished looking. His bearded face always felt exciting against her skin. The roughness of his skin against the velvety softness of hers.

His kisses were urgent, almost needy. The long days and late nights were draining him. The Captain would try to put her out of his mind, but she was always there. As a feeling he couldn’t explain and long ago stopped denying. He once told her he was used to having more control over his desires than he had with her.

They were in a relationship that was beneficial for both. Tori always seemed to say yes when he let himself get to the point where he could think of nothing other than her. She haunted his thoughts both day and night. He found himself awaking next to his girlfriend in a sweat, having allowed her to creep into his dreams as well.

His balls got to the point where they actually ached for her. And this turned her on beyond belief.

His kisses moved to her neck, nibbling, while his hand moved beneath her dress. He moaned aloud as he felt her wetness, ready and eager for him.

His fingers slid in easily and he didn’t hold back. He finger fucked her right there, the glow of the Capitol behind thm, until he felt her pussy begin to tighten. She raised off the seat as she climaxed, her cum hot against his fingers.

The Captain was incredibly aroused as she watched him, licking her lips. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any hotter she leaned forward and began to kiss him

“Damn Babe, thank you” was all Tori could manage to utter.

He removed his fingers and locked his eyes with hers, brushing back her damp bangs as he slid his fingers into his mouth. Her taste was sweet yet musky. The Captain was incredibly aroused as she watched him, licking her lips. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any hotter she leaned forward and began to kiss him, licking eagerly at his wet fingers, sharing in the taste of her own cum.

They both exhaled, and managed to find it in themselves to break away from one another and close the car door, heading into the garage.

Her hands were moving over his trousers, which were now pulling tight against him as his cock grew so hard it was physically throbbing.

She traced the length of his shaft with her perfectly manicured fingers. He watched her focused look turn into a small smile as they both noticed his precum slowly forming a spot on his pants.

They began their drive onto the garage. “Hey are there any cameras she asked?”

“I’m not sure about that, but I know where your mind is going with this and as much as I want to take you right here and now I simply can’t risk it.”. After all, he was a known and well respected businessman and this was his turf.

“No worries, but you should try to lose that bulge in your pants before we pass through the security. She giggled as he squirmed, lightly tugging at the crotch of his pants.

They were in each other’s arms again, kissing passionately, hands wandering as the elevator doors shut. In no time they were on the lobby level, as they pulled away from each other.

They walked as though they were colleagues, passing quickly through security.

The lobby was intriguing with an almost warehouse industrial style. Exposed stairs and hallways passed above with offices tucked away through the doors on either side.

They stepped into the second elevator and were instantly at it again. Tori was leaning into him, pressing her pussy against his thigh and she kissed him deeply.

Once again they separated as they arrived on his floor.

His office was, naturally, a corner office with a beautiful view of the Capitol. The streetlights below danced against the full windows encompassing the spacious room.

He had a couch in the office and he moved towards her, expertly pulling her dress over her head and tossing it aside. He fumbled with her bra as though he were a clumsy teenager. Eventually his struggle paid off and her huge breasts fell out into his waiting mouth. He deliberately left the high heel boots on. Her look was transformed from an attractive woman in any upscale office to the woman of his dreams.

She was much shorter than him, but also a much smaller person. Her breasts were large and natural, and probably the most beautiful he had ever seen.

Her hips were small yet somehow curvy, with a tight little ass and a fat pussy. He could see the lips already glistening with her first cum.

The Captain pushed her onto the couch as he went to his knees, her thin and shapely legs wrapped around his neck.

His mouth lowered to her pussy and he paused there.

She had once shared with him that she loved the feeling right before his tongue first flicked lightly over her clit. The point where she could feel the heat and moistness of his breath against her skin. Knowing the pleasure he was about to give her, yet pausing, making her wait a few extra moments, drove her insane.

She found herself pulling his head into her as she spread her perfect pink pussy lips for him. He knew her body well by now and seemed to have control over her as his tongue played with her clit, knowing just when to let it slide into her pussy. The Captains tongue began o fuck her, stopping only to whisper “Come on baby, let it flow”.

His tongue, wet and warm, danced across her cliit, the movement of his lips vibrating as he moaned at her release. Tori shuddered and grabbed his hair, not sure if she wanted to pull him away or to force his face into her wetness.

She didn’t have time to really even form that thought before he pushed into her, the feel of him lapping up her cum as it seemed to flow from her driving her into a frenzy.

Her legs were stiff yet like rubber. He reached for her ankles and spread them apart as far as he could, the feel of the cool leather intoxicating against his skin.

He brought her to yet another orgasm as he worked her with three fingers fucking her while his tongue played with her clit. She could feel and hear how wet she was and it was an incredible turn on.

She finally managed to pull away from him as she grabbed at his pants. She wanted, no needed, to release his beautiful cock and let his precum drip onto her tongue.

He sprang loose and she began the dance with his cock as he fumbled to step out of his pants, now entangled around his ankles.

He stopped trying as he became totally focused on the magic Tori, this gorgeous insatiable creature, was bestowing upon him.

Her hands moved to his balls, her nails lightly raking against the tight skin.

He grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth, hard. He held her like that, his manhood hitting the back of her throat, as he let the throbbing subside. He didn;t want to lose his load so early in the game.

He released his grip on her head and she began licking the tip of his cock. She moved downward letting her tongue glide along the back of his shaft. She didn’t stop when she got to his balls. Instead she began quickly darting her tongue along them, then along that sensitive skin below.

Her tongue began to move upward, content on taking him in her mouth again. It had been a while since he had released deep in her throat and she found herself craving that.

But he was just beginning. He grabbed her and brought her to her feet, her knees wobbling beneath her. She bent over, leaning on his expansive desk, seeming to know how he wanted to take her.

He was tall, and even with her heels on Tori still had to raise herself onto her toes to accommodate him. She didn’t stay like that for long though. His hands grasped her inner thighs, raising her up and pulling her against him as he went incredibly deep.

She grabbed at the desk for support, all in vain. He was holding her up like this, driving his cock in and out of her as she came with such force she thought she would fall over.

The Captain didn’t ease up. Feeling her shake on his cock was almost pushing him over the edge. He let his fingers dig into her thighs as he raised and lowered her onto his pulsating cock, relishing in the feel of her cum beginning to run down their thighs, each thrust into her causing more to leak out. It drove him insane that she got so wet for him. He loved the feel of it, the taste, the sound.

He put her back down, as Tori teetered on her heels, willing her legs to support her. He went to the other side of his desk and sat in his chair. The same chair, Tori thought, that he sat in whil;e sending her erotic texts filled with his memories of their sex games. Or with his plans to dominate and consume every inch of her in the future.

She walked to him, holding the edge of the desk for support. She turned her back to him and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. She pushed backwards into him, grinding her wet pussy against him as she did.

The Captain had his hands around her small waist and he began to grip her tightly, pushing her down harder and deeper. She felt herself begin to shake and couldn’t control the moans of ecstasy escaping her lips. “Come on baby, one more” he whispered into her ear. As she began to cum he moved faster, pulling her down and forcing his cock as deeply into her as he could go.

He then pushed her away, asking her to lean over the desk one more time.

He stepped behind her and began slamming his cock into her with such force she felt she would explode and collapse onto the floor.

She felt the shuddering of his body as his orgasm overtook him, pushing himself as deeply into her as he could, then pulling out slightly only to force himself yet deeper. The release of his cum was so intense Tori could feel it filling her pussy as she herself gave way to one last orgasm.

They both stood there, gasping for air as he slowly pulled out, the mixture of their cum now flowing freely down Toris thighs. Shaking his head and attempting to pull himself back to earth suddenly seemed a futile task.

She was, once again, on her knees before him, licking and sucking at the wetness dripping from the head of his throbbing cock. She then raised her head and put two fingers inside herself. She pulled them out and brought them, glistening with cum, to his waiting mouth, eager for him to taste their sex as well.

As they cleaned themselves up and began to redress, he shocked himself, realizing he was getting hard for her again.

What to do?

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