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The Hot Arlington Guy

She drove towards Arlington, the heavy traffic behind her as she pulled onto his street. She texted him as he had requested, easily finding their prearranged meeting place. As she pulled to the end of the cul de sac she saw him, smiling as he made his way towards her car. Leaning a bit lower, she opened the window, flashing a bright welcoming smile towards him. She could tell by the way his face suddenly lit up and his pace quickened, that he was pleased he had finally reached out to her. He opened the passenger side door and slid into the front seat, his gaze focused intently on her. She was quite pretty, with beautiful auburn hair that looked to be as soft as silk. Her lips were warm and inviting as she leaned over in the seat and kissed him lightly on the mouth. He told her where to park and they pulled into the only remaining visitor spot. He stepped out of the vehicle as she turned the car off and rose, locking the doors and walking towards him. “Wow!,” was all he could seem to manage to utter. She smiled at him, obviously pleased with the effect she was having on him. Her eyes lowered, lingering momentarily on his crotch. He had become hard the moment he laid eyes on her.

She was wearing jeans and boots, a cute soft yellow sweater over a top that revealed just the right amount of cleavage.

Knowing this incredibly sexy woman was about to spend a few hours with him alone in his apartment was incredibly stimulating. They made small talk as he ushered her inside the upscale building just outside the nation’s capital. They arrived at his door and he unlocked it, opening it wide and ushering her in. The apartment was nicely furnished, especially given the fact that he was a bachelor. It was small but warm and inviting. He had obviously made an effort to adjust the lighting until it was perfect, and soft music played in the background as candles flickered. She saw the envelope stuffed with money sitting on a nearby shelf and helped herself to it, realizing he wanted to minimize the business side of this transaction. She was wearing jeans and boots, a cute soft yellow sweater over a top that revealed just the right amount of cleavage.

Although he found her incredibly attractive as she was, his dick literally twitched when she asked where the restroom was so she could slip into something a little sexier. He motioned towards the bathroom, and she stepped out of the room. Once in the small restroom room she smiled to herself. He was a rather attractive man in his mid to late 30s. He had beautiful wavy golden hair and a body that was obviously well taken care of. She quickly changed into the lingerie she had brought along, including a pair of sexy black pumps, and exited the bathroom.

“Wow! I mean…Wow,” was, once again all he could manage to utter. He was sitting on the sofa and started to rise, in every respect of the word, but she motioned for him to stay seated. Her long nails, painted a shiny black, ran through his hair and along his shoulders as she came up beside him. Without saying a word, she sat on the coffee table, facing him, her eyes deep and sultry. Her beautifully polished nails ran down the side of his neck and under his shirt. It felt as though electricity was pulsing through him each time she allowed her nails to trail along his skin.

Her long nails, painted a shiny black, ran through his hair and along his shoulders as she came up beside him.

She leaned forward and unbuttoned his jeans, sporting a mischievous grin at the hard, young cock before her. She took it in her hands, lightly cupping it and sliding her other hand under his shaft to caress his tingling balls. “You like?” she whispered to him? “Because it’s about to get a lot better,” she promised, and he believed her. She bent over his lap and held his throbbing member in her hands as she brought it to her lips. He could feel the heat and moisture of her breath as she held his cock there, mere centimeters from her lips.

The feeling was both exquisite and torturous. He had to exert all his strength to refrain from grabbing her head and forcing his cock into her waiting mouth. Seeming to enjoy the beautiful torture, she continued playing with him, as a cat does a mouse. Her touch, although she was a complete stranger, was somehow familiar. He leaned back and sighed, the feeling of her pretty hands gripping tighter on his throbbing member. Looking at him, and once again sporting that mischievous grin, she ran her tongue along the length of his dick. Stopping with his cock was not on her agenda as she moved her mouth to his full and ripe balls. Licking at them lightly sent chills through him. Feeling him shudder she took his balls in her mouth, sucking lightly and driving him into an exquisite sexual frenzy.

Seeming to sense that he was close to exploding, she stopped and began blowing lightly on his member. The cool feeling of the light breeze she was creating against the flaming heat of his body was electrifying. She continued to suck and lick at his cock while he held onto her head, finding the feel of her soft hair exhilarating. She brought him to the edge and finally released his rod, leaving behind the invigorating warmth of her mouth. She rose from the table and reached for his hand, helping to steady herself as she rose. “Shall we move this party so we have a bit more room,” she asked? He smiled that dazzling smile and led her to the comfortable newly furnished bedroom. He had grabbed the bowl on his way and they both indulged in a bit of 420 fun.

The slight buzz they both had going was like adding fuel to an already raging fire. Walking towards her as she stood in front of his bed, he extended his hands, helping her out of the tiny lace garments. Her strappy black heels were still on and he stood back, taking in the sexy, gorgeous woman standing before him. She backed up and sat on the bed, her fingers moving to her wet pussy. Moving onto the bed he lowered his mouth to her amazing breasts. Cupping one in his hand he took the erect nipple into his mouth, circling with his tongue prior to taking it between his teeth and biting lightly. She jumped at the feel of it, grabbing him by the hair and forcing his mouth to her cleavage. “Have you ever titty fucked a woman? “ she asked with a gleam in her eye. Shaking his head no in response, she reached for the lube she had brought with her and flashed that brilliant smile at him. “Oh sweetie, you are gonna love this”. He watched her as she poured a bit of the oil between her breasts and began rubbing it in with one hand while she reached for his dick with the other.

Leaning back against the pillows, she moved her hands to push her breasts together. “Straddle me,” she commanded and he willingly obliged. Seeing the look of sheer pleasure on his face was exhilarating to her. With his cock in place between her voluptuous rack he began moving back and forth. The feel of her soft oiled skin against his cock was titillating and he quickly found his rhythm. “I like the sound of it,” she said in a raspy whisper. The moisture created by the oil was making a delicious sound, as though he were fucking a tight wet pussy. She told him a story about a girl she used to literally fuck with who was obsessed with watching this thrilling sexual act. His eyes rolled back and his body began to shake as she suddenly let go and stopped him. “Not yet babe” she said to him. She pushed against him, directing him lower so his cock was now throbbing against her pretty pink clit.

It seemed to stand at attention for her, jumping and swelling as she used his penis like her own private sexual tool, rubbing the head against her clit and then putting the tip in her wet inviting puss. When he thought he could no longer stand the sheer pleasure of her teasing, she lifted her hips higher and took him fully inside her. Realizing he was precariously close to cumming made her want to pause, but she could no longer stand the anticipation, She felt as though she needed this throbbing young cock inside her. “Fuck me hard,” she ordered him.

She pulled and pushed at his hips as he slammed into her, bottoming out with every raging thrust. Her body began to quiver and spasm and he could feel her pussy squeezing at his cock. She came with such force it caused her to cry out, every inch of her body coming alive with the intense orgasm. He didn;t know how he did it, but he somehow refrained from exploding inside her. When her body stopped convulsing and light aftershocks took over he pulled out and once again straddled her. “I want your load dripping off my nipples, “ she managed to whisper. He stroked himself as he leaned over her, watching her juices slowly leaking out of her cunt and down her thigh.

Every fiber of his being seemed to be alive, all senses heightened as he watched her. Her eyes were misty and had the look of satisfaction. She held one of her breasts to her mouth, licking at her own nipple. His load burst from him, his balls feeling as though they were on fire. His cum shot on her breasts and she began moaning, rubbing it into her skin. Without meaning to he shot more of his load onto her face. He was stunned into a place of pure ecstasy as she opened her mouth, welcoming the hot fluid into her waiting mouth.

Once he was fully drained he collapsed on the bed next to her Their breathing was labored and heavy as they both lay there, feeling as though they were in their own private heaven. Lying there collecting himself he knew, without doubt, he would see her again and again. Every moment he had spent with her was intoxicating and invigorating. She too, was forming like thoughts. He was an incredible lover and she had every intention of using his body as her private sexual playground whenever he called. And they both knew he would be calling her again and again.

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