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The Exotic Dancer Encounter.

Tori loved New York, the lights and sounds engulfing her, the pace like that of nowhere else in the world. The city felt as though it were its own seductive creature, beckoning one to share in the beating of its heart.

Tori loved New York, the lights and sounds engulfing her, the pace like that of nowhere else in the world. The city felt as though it were its own seductive creature, beckoning one to share in the beating of its heart.

Here in this vibrant city, she could wear clothing a bit on the risque side without feeling out of place. Back home in Northern Virginia, just outside the nation’s capital, people tended to be a tad more conservative and would quickly turn up a nose, with a look of disapproval, at the sight of a seductively clad woman.

But here in New York, the looks were more admiring, though occasionally lecherous, from men and women alike.

Tori was dressed in black leather pants tonight, a thin fishnet top that showed off both her cleavage and the rhinestone studded bra she wore underneath.

“You’re a lucky man,” said a total stranger as the attractive couple passed.

“You have no idea,” Rob thought to himself.

It was incredibly stimulating when men turned their heads to look at her. It boosted her confidence and made her realize that yes, he, or any man she was with, was a lucky man indeed. If he didn’t treat her as such, she would no longer grace him with her presence.

Tori was the complete package. She was very attractive, with shoulder length shiny auburn hair. Her dark, deep brown eyes complimented the warm look of autumn she had about her. She was more than attractive, but what seemed to captivate anyone who shared time with her was this unique feeling of uplifting energy. There was a feeling of excitement and comfort about Tori and she radiated a positive and incredibly sexy energy.

She was on the petite side, standing at only 5’4”. Yet somehow she was curvaceous, with natural DDs that were firm with perky nipples that always seemed to be erect.

Hand in hand the couple slipped into the gentlemans club and the busy sounds of honking horns and cars speeding down the streets were quickly replaced by the smooth beat of a seductive song.

The smell of smoke and perfume mingled in the air, creating an atmosphere, a feeling that seemed to be in place in every Gentlemans Club she had been to.

There was a very attractive brunette leaning against a pole on the center stage, sliding up and down, her gorgeous long legs spread so far apart as she reached the floor one could almost see the lips of her pussy.

Tori led him to a table near the stage and they sat down. A tall slender woman with a beautiful accent approached and took their drink order. One more thing they had in common was their love of Budweiser in a bottle, with Rose’s Lime Juice.

According to the striking auburn haired beauty there was no need for a glass as it came in its own custom made one.

Tori and Rob already had a decent buzz going after sharing a bottle or two of an expensive Pinot Noir at the upscale steak house they had dined at earlier that evening, but beer seemed to be their go to when there were mostly nude women around. Unlike most folks that was a normal state of being when in this woman’s company.

The hot brunette on the stage was the type of woman Tori always found herself attracted to.

The dancer had small, perky breasts that were accented by sexy pasties. She was tall and thin with gorgeous long legs and an ass that was full and apple shaped.

The woman on the stage noticed the couple immediately and her eyes met Toris as she held out a finger, beckoning her to the stage.

Rob was sporting a knowing smile, ready to watch as his date for the evening flirted with the dancer. He slipped Tori a handful of twenties and the attractive redhead rose from the table, pausing to bend down and give him a wet, juicy kiss, filled with desire and promise.

Tori walked towards the stage admiring the tight and toned body of the younger woman before her. The dancer was in excellent shape, with muscles that were well formed while maintaining her delicate beauty.

“Hey sweetie, I’m Amber,” the brunette said as she licked her full red lips, sliding down the pole and then beginning a maddeningly sexy crawl towards her. There was something about a hot chick on her knees, cleavage hanging and smoky eyes almost daring one to reach out and touch that was irresistible.

Tori introduced herself over the music as Amber pulled the older woman down to her level, planting a full deep french kiss on her lips.

Every man in the club was focused on them. There is a strict no touching policy in any reputable club, but it never seemed to apply to the female patrons.

Releasing from the erotic kiss, the two women paused alowing it to linger in the air, moving apart as Tori reached towards Amber’s garter with the handful of the twentie.

“Oh no, no,” Amber said, “I want to take it from your amazing cleavage!”

Tori gladly obliged and slipped the bills between her full white, creamy breasts.

Amber flirted for a few moments, kissing Tori again and allowing her lips to make their way to the waiting cash.

The auburn haired beauty arched her back slightly, feeling the warmth of the stripper’s mouth against her skin.

She breathed deeply, absorbing the scent of vanilla accompanied by the glitter that seemed to be present in any club like this.

Amber let her tongue run gently along the exposed skin of Toris breasts, momentarily burying her face in the ample cleavage before her as she expertly removed the money with her teeth.

The two had the attention of every man, and the few women, in the club.

The ladies exchanged one last kiss before Tori turned to walk back to her table, every eye on her.

She stood before Rob, thrilled with the look of lust in his eyes and the bulging hard on straining against his pants. She turned her back and lowered herself, grinding gently against his cock with her tight little ass.

The adorably sexy blonde had delivered their drinks and the two toasted, acknowledging the fun filled hours of debauchery ahead of them.

The song ended and Amber wasted no time making her way to their table.

“Would you like a lapdance sweetie?” she asked, the couple knowing she was speaking more to Tori than Rob.

“Sure, if I can stay on his lap,” Tori replied without missing a beat.

“Oh yummy, that sounds exquisite,” the scantily clad woman on the 6 inch heels replied.

The beat of the music, the dim lights and the feel of this stranger moving her ass, her hands and her mouth over Toris body while she sat on Rob’s lap was almost more than he could stand.

He was damn lucky, and he knew it. He never failed to let Tori know how undeniably sexy she was, and he took every opportunity he could seize upon to show her how much he adored spending time with her.

Amber pushed Tori’s hair aside and whispered in her ear, while keeping her eyes on Robs “Would you like to go to the VIP room?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Tori replied.

The song ended and the women rose, holding hands. They turned to look at Rob, simultaneously noticing the wet spot in his pants and giggling to one another.

“Wow babe, that’s a lot of precum,” Tori commented. Rob could do nothing more than smile, shrugging his shoulders showing he had completely surrendered to the sexual abandonment Tori could evoke in others.

The trio, led by the tall and sexy Amber, made their way up a circular staircase to the VIP room.

A security guard was posted at the door and he smiled with a knowing look, moving aside and ushering them through the heavy red velvet curtain.

His eyes went from Amber’s to Tori’s, mentally undressing both women as they brushed against him, entering a space that was meant for deviant pleasures.

Other than the three of them the room was empty. One could feel the pumping of the music below them as an erotic tune played softly in the background.

The lights were dim, the gas fireplace in the corner lending the feel of a more intimate and private setting to the room.

There were large black leather sofas arranged in two separate social areas of the room.

Amber took Toris hand in hers and began kissing her.

As she did she backed the pair up until she was directly in front of one of the couches.

Amber’s lips moved to Tori’s neck, kissing and sucking lightly as Tori moaned.

When the dancer’s light kisses moved to Tori’s breasts she paused briefly, telling Rob to take a seat and enjoy the show.

He did as requested, removing his cock through the fly of his pants as he made himself more than comfortable.

Amber unbuttoned Tori’s shirt as her hands, followed by her mouth, moved to the huge, gorgeous breasts before her.

“These are magnificent, “ the smaller breasted woman said.

She took Tori’s nipple in her mouth and sucked, biting her a bit hard .while flicking with her tongue.

As she did so her other hand moved to the button of Tori’s pants.

She undid them and slipped her well manicured hand inside.

“You’re so wet” she said in a breathy voice. “I love it!”

Amber sat back on the luxurious leather sofa and expertly removed Toris pants. She was thrilled to see she was going commando.

The dancer looked over at Rob, sitting quietly and lightly tracing the length of his own cock, as she spread the lips of Tori’s pussy open in front of her.

Lowering to her knees, cupping Tori’s ass in her hands she extended her tongue teasing and playing, lightly licking at Tori’s clit, now swollen and throbbing at the other woman’s touch.

Rob stood and came up behind Tori, partly for a better view but also to help Tori steady herself.

He could see his lover’s knees beginning to tremble as the licking became more intense, her twat glistening with the wetness leaking out. Amber’s eyes looked upward and locked with Rob’s as she slid three fingers into Tori, easily finding her g spot and finger fucking her hard while sucking her clit. Tori was holding the lips of her pussy open giving Amber full access to her throbbing clit. Before long he felt himself holding his lover up as she gave way to her first orgasm, her legs wobbly and no longer wanting to support her.

Amber continued to lick, now drinking up Tori’s cum. She removed her fingers and raised them to Rob’s waiting mouth, and he gladly bent over to taste the cum of his lover.

“Damn, I need to sit down,” Tori said between gasps for breath.

As she did so Rob moved in front of the two women, his raging hard on extending to Toris waiting mouth.

She took it gladly and motioned with her hand for Amber to join her.

Tori rubbed the head, wet with his precum across hers and Amber’s lips as they both kissed. . The tenderness of their touch against him was exhilarating, leaving him feeling both fulfilled and hungry for more at once.

The two women took turns licking and sucking his cock while the other focused her attention on his now full balls.

He could feel nails sliding down his balls followed by a finger sliding gently into his ass. The realization that he had no idea which woman was touching him where was mind blowing.

The ladies were devouring him, his balls in Amber’s mouth as Tori easily took the length of his shaft down her warm wet throat.

She erached behind him and pulled him deeper in, guiding him to fuck her mouth and throat.

The delightful feel and sound of her wet mouth being pounded by his dripping cock drove him to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum” he exclaimed after a few minutes that seemed more like an endless journey into unbelievable pleasure.

I want it in my mouth, on my face” Tori instructed as she briefly removed him from the heat of her mouth. What surprised Rob was when Amber said she wanted a taste as well.

His cock was back in Tori’s mouth, Amber’s tongue waiting to slide along the shaft as he went in and out. He quickly found himself at the edge again, and, as requested he pulled out and began stroking himself, gripping the table next to him to steady himself.

His cum shot out with such force it surprised both Rob and the women. They both opened their mouths, hungrily, some of his load landing in each woman’s waiting mouth, some now dripping off their faces.

Amber turned her head towards Tori and to Rob’s delight she started licking the cum off her face.

She paused to kiss her, the two women letting their hands explore each other as they cleaned the cum from one another.

Rob had all but collapsed, melting into the couch trying to catch his breath. The women had literally drained him, giving him one of the most satisfying orgasms of his life, and he could tell by watching them the fun had just begun..

“That was amazing”, Rob said in between gulps of air..

“Oh, we’re not done yet” one of the women exclaimed.

Rob looked at them, both equally sexy and stunning women but in very different ways.

The kissing had intensified and the remaining clothing on the already scantily clad women was being quickly and urgently discarded.

The security man had been discreetly watching the trio, stroking at his own throbbing pole as he did.

“Hey Paul,” Amber said, seeming to sense what he was doing in the dark shadows of the room. “Want to join us?”

He quickly shut the door to the VIP room, flicking a switch to trigger a do not disturb light on the outer door. He was tall and muscular, and was sporting a 10” cock, the veins of his hammer like a lumberjack’s tool now throbbing as he make his way towards them, eager to turn this party into a foursome.

To be continued

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