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A Woman, A Man, and the Hood of a Vette

He paid the check, handing the server his card, his eyes never leaving hers. She licked her lips and he felt the bulge in his pants beginning to harden.

There was something about her. She was attractive, and she had an amazing body, but it was something more. There was something about her aura, the vibe she gave off, seemingly without trying.

She radiated both sensuality and sexuality. Her dark brown eyes were sultry and seductive, speaking volumes to him at this moment.

She didn’t have to say a word. The movement of her hands, her pretty nails always polished, or the almost imperceptible sigh as her hand reached for his. That was all it took and every fiber of his being would be filled with desire for her.

This was different than it had been with other women. He didn’t want to just fuck her once and move on. He wanted to thoroughly explore her. He wanted to touch and taste every inch of her soft, silky skin. He wanted to learn her likes and dislikes. Her needs and desires. He wanted, no needed, to please her. He was almost aching to hear her moans and cries as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

As though sensing what he was thinking , she wondered aloud where the damn server was so they could get out of the restaurant and onto the intoxicating game lovers played.

He reached for her hands, and they felt soft and familiar, as though he had held them a thousand times before. Yet it felt like something new and exciting at the same time.

The sexual tension in the air was thick.

She leaned forward, across the table and gave him a sweet peck on the lips, pulling away to look into his eyes and say “This is gonna be fun”.

She was incredibly stimulated by him, both mentally and physically. He seemed to think the way she did, knowing when the moment was right for light conversation, learning about each other’s lives. And although the sexual energy was always there with them, he knew when it was beginning to surface, like a thirst needing to be quenched, for both of them.

The server finally returned and he signed the receipt. “Ready?” he asked, both of them realizing what a loaded question that was.

They rose from the table and he began to follow her out of the restaurant. It was best that she walk in front, he thought to himself. He knew it would likely be a turn on for her to see the effect she was having on him, but it wasn’t something he needed to share with everyone in the place.

He led her to his car, unlocking and opening the passenger side door for her.

She turned to him, commenting on how sweet it was that chivalry, in fact, was not dead.

He couldn’t control himself any longer, When she turned and spoke to him he was mere inches from her.

He could feel the warmth of her breath. He reached for her, touching her auburn hair as he took her head in his hands. She leaned into him and met his waiting lips.

The kiss was soft, warm, and felt right. Her lips parted as his tongue moved inside, wanting to begin his exploration of this sexual creature.

He pulled her closer, feeling her ample breasts press into his chest. She arched her hips forward, wanting to feel his hardness against her.

She moaned in pleasure as she did, and the kisses became deeper, more demanding.

They kissed like this for what seemed an eternity, hands wandering, touching.

She finally pulled away and said “Let’s get out of here”.

She sat in the car waiting for him to come around and get in the drivers side.

When he did, she leaned forward and kissed him again. This time, as she did, she let her hands wander to his crotch. She seemed quite pleased with what she found there. Her hand moved incredibly softly over him, his cock seeming to have its own pulse.

They parted again, as he momentarily regained his composure, and he began to back out of the parking lot.

They drove for a few minutes and he turned onto a side road. They both looked at each other, knowing they wouldn’t last until they got to the hotel.

He drove to the end of the road, the sun setting in the distance provided for perfect timing.

Sensing what he was thinking, she told him to find a place and pull over.

Her hands were working their magic through the now tight fabrics of his pants.

She whispered something softly, but he couldn’t make out what it was. She was beginning to unzip his pants.

His cock, raging hard, sprang loose as she began to lower her head into his lap.

He could feel the moist warmth of her breath as she paused, momentarily, before taking all of him into her mouth.

He felt the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat. His moans of pleasure seemed to stimulate her and her rhythm became faster, the sucking on his cock harder.

She quickly established a rhythm, taking him deep into her throat, the slight gagging sound driving him insane, and then releasing his cock to stare up at him while her tongue ran the length of his shaft.

Her nails played lightly with his balls, at moments unexpectedly squeezing as though she could force the cum out of him.

He was in absolute heaven, enjoying what was the best blow job of his life. However, he wanted to be inside her. He wanted his cock wet with her juice. He wanted to taste the sweet muskiness of her.

At some point he had pulled the Vette over, although he had no recollection of it.

He was about to explode in her waiting mouth as she sat upright, saying “not yet”.

She opened the car door, turning to kiss him as he sat there bewildered. “Come on, it’s a beautifu day and I want you to fuck me outside.

He was opening the car door before she finished the sentence.

They moved around the car to the front and began their lovers dance once again.

He took her in his arms, holding her tighter than he meant to, and met her waiting mouth. His pants were in the car, and she allowed her skirt to drop to the ground so that she could feel his manhood against her.

He was literally throbbing, his cock pressing into her belly, her hands beginning to caress him.

He stood there for a moment, looking at her, etching every detail of this moment into his memory, wanting to remember every detail of this experience.

He pushed her gently backward until she felt the cold metal of the car against her bare ass.

She exhaled with a deep sigh as he lowered himself to his knees. She spread her legs for him, letting her fingers wander to her clit, beginning to play with herself.

“Ummm, I’m wet” she said, bringing her glistening fingers to his waiting mouth.

Damn she was hot, he thought , his mind spinning wondering if this was real or if he was only dreaming.

He began to kiss her thighs, nibbling lightly as he made his way up to her waiting pussy.

She reached down and spread the lips, opening herself to and for him.

Her taste was sweet, fragrant and inviting. He began to lick lightly at her clit, feeling it begin to throb and swell. He played with it, sucking and licking as she moaned, spread eagle on the hood of his sports car.

He let his tongue slide into her waiting pussy, burying it as deely in her as he could.

She was moaning and writhing at his touch, and he was precariously close to cumming without ever having fucked her.

Her legs began quivering and her breath became more labored, letting loose a beautiful guttural moan as she came, her pussy nectar began dripping into his waiting mouth.

They both moaned simultaneously, her at the intensity of her orgasm, and him at the thrill he was experiencing having driven her over the edge. His tongue continued to work his magic until she suddenly bucked, and pushed him away, the intensity of her orgasm becoming too much.

She whispered “Fuck me….hard”, and he was, obviously, more than happy to oblige.

Her pussy was swollen and wet , her thighs beginning to glisten with her leaking cum.

He stood before her and she reached out, grabbing his steel rod and guiding into her waiting heaven.

She was tight, unbelievably so, and her puss was convulsing, squeezing his cock tighter and tighter.

He thrust into her, bottoming out as he did, feeling like he had never been so deep inside a woman before.

He drove into her , grabbing at her thighs to brace himself from falling.

She began to shake on his cock again, and it was more than he could stand.

“I’m gonna cum babe” he exclaimed, ready to pull out. She surprised him by saying “I want you to fill me”.

She pushed herself further onto him, holding his cock in place as they both cried aloud and began to cum together.

His load filled her, beginning to leak out as he continued driving into her.

When he was empty and drained he reached forward, bracing himself against the Vette.

The cool feel of the metal was in sharp contrast to the heat emanating from their bodies.

His cum, mixed with her essence, began running out of her full pussy and dripping down both their thighs.

He knew, at that moment, he would think of her every time he drove this car. He would picture her laid back on the hood, her legs spread wide, inviting him in.

She rose from the hood, and leaned forward meeting his waiting lips.

”That was amazing”, they both exclaimed.

“I want more,” she said. He thought she must be out of her mind, having just depleted him of all fluids, but to his surprise his cock began to rise to the occasion.

So damn good!

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