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Sgt Tori - Part 2

Without saying a word she extended her hand and clasped it wth his. Inmate Smith was jolted by the surprising surge of energy seeming to course through her veins as their skin made contact.

As she looked into his eyes she saw a smoldering fire, one that seemed to match hers and, in a throaty voice she whispered “this is gonna be fun”.

Smith wasn’t sure if this was a dream or reality, but either way he had no choice but to follow her lead. He was suddenly like a lump of clay for her to form. Hand in hand the couple made their way to the Sgts private quarters.

Smith looked around , astounded that such a warm and inviting place could exist in the midst of the concrete walls, tunnels and beds that made up the portion of the compound he was confined to. Tori seemed pleased to be watching him as he immersed himself in the tranquil yet sexually charged vibe that hung in the air.

“I know what you’re thinking, other than the obvious hunger you have for me, so please enjoy a moment or two to take it all in while I pour us a drink.

Gone was the staunch exterior that Smith had always seen, even in her softest mode while talking to the inmates, and in its place was a shockingly sexy yet approachable woman, one allowing herself to become as lost in this exhilarating encounter as he was. Looking at her, at the view beyond the window, and extending his hand to accept the cocktail made the inmate feel a sense of normalcy he hadn’t experienced since he arrived at the state penitentiary a year ago.

Tori walked towards the wall of windows, overlooking the idyllic park-like setting.

Standing with her back to him she spoke in a soft and seductive manner. “I’ve always found solace in the face of nature. How could you not feel moved, invigorated yet humbled in the presence of this beauty? Unable to take his eyes off her small but nicely rounded butt, he agreed. The soft rustling of leaves and the gentle murmur of the nearby stream created a tranquil ambiance, making it the perfect place for her to escape the demands of her busy life. On this particular afternoon, as the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the surroundings, Tori found that she had let her sometimes harsh and always commanding guard down. She had been hungry for this gorgeous man since their first encounter. And here they were.

Her mind had drifted to him quite often as she lay on the bed in this room, rubbing at her clit, slipping her fingers in her wet twat, and reaching climax night after night. Having him commit yet another infraction provided her the opportunity she had been waiting for.

She turned to look at him and he couldn’t resist the opportunity to finally touch her. He reached for her face, stopping to allow her the opportunity to end this before it was too late. Instead she took his hand and guided it down her cheeks, as soft as rose petals, to her neck . With his free hand he reached forward and unbuttoned her blouse.

She allowed her breath to escape through pouted lips and he found he couldn't wait a moment longer. He had an intense need to taste her, all of her, to kiss, lick and suck her from head to toe.

He pulled her towards him, her breasts rubbing against his chest. He allowed his hand to touch her soft auburn hair, as he pulled her into the most sensual of kisses. Her lips parted as she welcomed him in, losing herself in one of the deepest and most passionate embraces of her life .

His hands began to move over her breasts. The buttons looked as though they would pop off at any moment, as though they needed to be freed to land in his hands.

He moaned aloud as he squeezed her breast, the soft flesh burning in his grasp. Moving his head lower he kissed at the bare nape of her neck.

Tori felt her knees go weak with the promise of what was to come. When his tongue found her nipple and began to flick and lightly suck she could feel her wetness seeping out. When he lightly bit down he had to catch her, as her legs no longer wanted to hold her up. He looked into her eyes as he placed both hands over her shirt, ripping it off her flawless skin. She gasped aloud, pleased in the knowledge that she was about to enjoy one of the most stimulating and memorable sexual encounters of her life.

The idea of cuffing him to the bed was to be put on hold. What they both wanted, perhaps even needed, was a primal encounter never to be forgotten.

His mouth went to hers again, his kisses more hurried, commanding as he lifted her and turned to carry her to the plush comforts of the four poster bed. She wrapped her legs around his waist, squeezing tightly while asking him if he could feel her juices now seeming to flow freely.

They landed on the bed and he kneeled over her, taking in the natural beauty of her face, her body, as his hunger seemed to grow. He leaned down, kissing her again, and peeling off her skirt as he made his way to her belly. Kissing and licking he made his way to the patch of heaven between her legs, where once again he paused to look at the pretty pink cunt now on display for him. Spreading those gorgeous long legs apart, welcoming his mouth into her pussy, was a sight to behold .

He would always recall, with a raging hunger, how she tasted. Sweet, like the lotions and perfumes she wore, yet musky, and ambrosial. He slipped his tongue over the spot where her thighs met her twat which seemed to drive her mad. She moved and shifted, trying to land his warm and wet mouth between the lips of her pussy.

When she could stand his teasing no longer, her skin covered in goosebumps, he reached down and spread her lips apart. He wasted no time slipping his tongue inside her, pushing in and out in a sensual rhythm as he tongue fucked her.

Needing to stimulate her clit, wanting to give her her first orgasm, he replaced his tongue with two of his fingers, driving them in and out of her tight hole as his tongue worked its magic, playing her swollen clit like a finely tuned instrument.

Her legs began to quiver, then shake as her ass lifted off the bed. She didn’t hold back, screaming “yes, yes” as she exploded in orgasm. He continued sucking at her clit until she bucked back, pushing him away. “Wow, that was beyond amazing” she exclaimed while struggling to catch her breath. Her legs were visibly shaking, her breathing labored, and her face damp with sweat. Smith thought he had never seen a more beautiful sight

She commanded him to take his pants off, and he replied with a plea for her to go slowly, worried he was going to explode at the mere thought of being inside her. He ripped his slacks off, and kneeled in front of her. She lay beneath him and shifted so her head was between his legs, looking up at his balls dangling above her face. Her mouth quickly found his balls and began what he could only call a testicle bj. Her touch was soft, wet and hot, while her hand reached for his rod, stroking gently. When he begged her to stop, not yet ready to cum, she raised herself up, now facing him, and took his raging hard on into her mouth. Somehow she was twirling her tongue around his dick while she gave him the best blow job of his life. She would suck, lick at his precum, and lightly bite at the head, pausing each time she brought him to the edge. Then the lovers' dance would begin again, releasing the suction of her lips, her mouth open while she blew her warm breath around the cock she encircled.

His legs were about to give out, leaving him grateful that he wasn’t standing. She raised herself up, meeting his mouth as they kissed deeply, each enjoying the taste of their own nectar. Then, when the need became too intense, begging to be unleashed, she laid on her back, pretty nails around his shaft as she spread her legs and welcomed him in.

He had never felt a fire, a liquid heat and a tightness so incredibly intense. It was as though her pussy had been made for him, for this moment, gripping him like a custom made glove.

The fevered kissing continued as they found their rhythm, Smith pounding in and out of her now dripping puss. He was so deep inside he was worried about hurting her. He had an 8” cock and she was really tight, but when he expressed his concern, her response was to wrap her long sexy legs around his waist, pulling him even closer, and begging him to go harder and deeper.

He gave her what she wanted, slamming into her with all his strength and yelling out telling her he could hold back no longer as his world exploded. She continued thrusting her hips upward, wanting his load deep inside. The feel and force of his load filling her up caused her to lose it as well, crying out in a mix of orgasm and need, mingled with satisfaction and content.

They collapsed on the bed, side by side, each gulping air to catch their breath.

After a few moments she stood and he watched in awe as she walked across the room to retrieve their cocktails. She took her place next to him again, toasting him for the amazing sex, and, putting her finger to her lips, making a shushing sound, they toasted to keeping this delicious secret.

She made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that there would be plenty more to cum provided he could keep the secret between them.

He gave her his word, and as desperately eager he was to shout from the rooftops that he had just had the best sex of his life with Sgt Tori, he never made mention of their encounter to anyone.

They laid together, the soft blankets tangled around them, and savored the glow f after-sex.

Time seemed to fly by, and eventua;y she reminded him that she needed to call one of the COs to escort him back.

She handed him a breath mint and planted one last wet kiss on his lips and whispered into his ear, telling him this was just the beginning.

After all, Smith would remain incarcerated for another year.

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