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I joined a gent in living out a role play fantasy of his! Such erotic, uninhibited fun!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I joined a gent in living out a role play fantasy of his! Such erotic, uninhibited fun!

I was the cop, or rather correctional officer, and he was the inmate.

Inmate Smith was sent to visit Sgt Tori in her office.

He was up for disciplinary action and sat nervously waiting to enter the frigid and uninviting suite she used as an office.

Due to the long hours and dedication she had for her job, her preference was to live on site in a barracks style wing of the prison, although no one seemed to be exactly sure where that was located.

Inmate Smith had been escorted into the solitary and unwelcoming room and took a seat in one of the cold metal chairs.

The room was brightly lit which only served to highlight the sparse furnishings. The chairs and tables were made of heavy metal and bolted to the floor.

Somehow the sexy Sgt seemed to illuminate the room with her vibrant auburn hair and radiant personality the moment she entered. She was the one thing that gave the guys something they were all missing here. Pussy. Good pussy. The men had all mentally explored and devoured every inch of her.

One could never tell which was more arousing, seeing her enraged at petty infractions and feeling a tad intimated by the fire she seemed to emit, or warm and tender when she chatted with the occasional inmate who was missing his family.

The door behind her, to his recollection, had always been shut, which was not the case today. From what he could tell it led to her private quarters, which seemed to be in sharp contrast to the CO they all knew.

The light spilling out seemed to be that of candles, and when he inhaled he felt as though he could imagine their scent, anything other than the depressing and heavy smells that seemed to permeate any correctional institution, including the facility in which he was housed.

His mind snapped back from enjoying the scent of her candles to the moment at hand. His 10th infraction this month.

After making him sweat it out a bit the Sgt walked from behind him and into his view. She gave the orders to dismiss the deputy who had brought the inmate to her desk and looked down at the well toned man in her office. He was handsome, in the raw Marlboro man type of way.

Smith sat before her, heart pounding and legs quivering.

He wasn't in fear or nervous over the punishment. No, he was a jittery mess because he was sitting a few mere feet from one of the sexiest women he had ever met.

She was soft and inviting yet staunch and serious all at once.

Her skin was flawless and her pretty face came close to outdoing her incredible body.....but ohhhh, that body!

Her cleavage was soft and plush, beckoning to be touched, caressed, and all but smothered in.

She was a natural DD, and her breasts were as magnificent now as they had been 20 years ago.

But it was more than her great looks. It was the magnetism of her being. She seemed to emit an electrically charged and undeniably sexual energy.

One could feel it embracing them when she was near. All the other inmates felt it and spoke of it at length. It was a high in and of itself to just get a glance of her when she walked by.

Her breasts always seemed to be one breath away from popping loose and freely spilling from her uniform.

Sgt Tori was the topic of most conversations after the lights went down, and before and during the mass male masturbation that followed.

Her image was what these men saw when they stepped into the shower, imagining the cascading water was the moist feel of her luscious lips.

Although she was friendly, she was also very professional. Not necessarily harsh or strict, but nonetheless a by the book type of CO.

Inmate Smith did his best to keep his desire and hunger for her at bay as she properly chastised him for his latest quest to bend, if not break another one of the rules.

He hung his head, looking down, although not in shame.

He couldn't look up or the mere sight of her would cause his cock to swell.

Lost in these thoughts, and halfway listening to her, he started to drift off in his fantasies of kissing her welcoming mouth, and running his hands the length of her long shapely legs.

His head suddenly snapped up and he felt as though he were truly lost in his imagination.

Had she actually just offered him a chance to redeem himself in the privacy of her suite?

She had pulled her chair, the only one not bolted to the floor, alongside the desk. She was licking her lips, crossing her legs slowly and deliberately, allowing him time to see the sweet patch of naked flesh between her thighs.

He swallowed hard as he saw that the black stockings were held up by garters, and that she had no panties on.

She repeated the question, bringing him to full attention in every respect of that phrase.

The sexy Sgt was dangling handcuffs in front of him and asking if he would like to work off his punishment by allowing her to cuff him to the bed, making him to satisfy her in any way she desired.

Immediately overcome with want and desire he stammered, eventually managing to mumble yes.

He was listening to, absorbing every word that left her gorgeous and supple lips. Not only was she giving him a visual show that would keep his imagination occupied for months, but she was telling him how she would secure him to the bed and then straddle him.

She whispered to him in detail, sharing how she would move up and drop down until he was almost smothered by her pussy, forcing him to lick her clit, to tongue fuck her, and then she would shift slightly and offer her sweet ass to his waiting mouth.

He felt the swelling of his manhood pushing against the prison issued pants, and shook his head as though that simple act would bring him back to reality. He closed his eyes tightly, but when he opened them the Sgt was still there, seducing him with her promises of maddening frenzied sex and, leaning over him, taking his hand in her well manicured one and bringing it to her breast.

The swells of her breathing accentuated her amazing tits, pushing the soft creamy white flesh into his eager hands. Looking up into her eyes, seeing the smoldering of unleashed desire, he somehow had the fortitude to tell himself to make a mental note and commit every word, every touch, taste, and nuance to memory to both share with the other inmates, and to use as a go to when he lay in his cell at night.

Phew, so back to reality....well, that was my reality this morning!

I am sooo into roleplay! I’m not really kinky….I’m a firm believer that good old fashioned spicy sex is pretty fucking good,so we don’t need to fix it.

But allowing myself to slip into a fantasy world, mine or my lover’s, and living it out in words, actions, and attitude, is fucking hot!!!

I'll finish the Sgt Tori story tomorrow and post it along with the accompanying video of lil ole me, masturbating and talking dirty in the jailor's dress



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