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JT's fantasy becoming reality

I leave the door slightly ajar and message you with my room number.

I sit on the bed, wearing a sheer nude color body stocking that leaves just enough to the imagination.

You enter the room, your cock throbbing beneath the confinement of your clothing. You have been waiting for, longing for, fantasizing over this moment since our last encounter.

Entering slowly, I watch as you lick your lips at the sight before you.

I am playing with my tits, massive and overflowing my hands, my erect nipples poking out between my fingers.

You move to me, longing to touch, taste, suck on the perfect mounds of my DDD flesh.

I stop you, telling me I am going to make this last through sheer torture as you can only watch…..for now.

Looking into my ebony eyes, you lock your eyes with mine as I bring one breast to my mouth.

I watch in playful pleasure as your hand moves to your dick, watching your precum seeping through your pants.

I play, tease, tempt and tantalize you for what seems to be an eternity.

Slowly I lower the sheer fabric, and squeeze my breasts together. I beckon you to approach with a perfectly manicured finger, black nails adding that extra element of sexy.

You think to yourself that my sex appeal has no limits. Every inch of me seems to radiate sexuality, to scream out to the world that I am the epitome of the perfect lover….a sexual goddess if you will.

You move closer, losing your pants and leaving them in a heap on the floor.

Yor kiss me, the gentle kiss of lovers reuniting, saying hello. Your voice is hoarse, dripping in sexual undertones as you tell me how you have missed me, how you have longed for this moment.

I move your head to my tits, biting lightly on one nipple then the other.

My hands are on your head, causing you to bury your face in the pleasant taste and scent of my breasts.

You feel as though you are swimming in a fantasy that has crossed over into reality as you inhale my essence.

I push you back against the bed, needing to touch your steel rod,relishing in the knowledge that you have been aching for my touch for months.

You don’t need to tell me to take it slowly, my intention is to bring you to the edge over and over before taking your load in my mouth, then sharing it with you in a deep kiss.

I tell you these things, my voice barely a whisper, as I tease you with my words. Words that will momentarily become your reality………

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