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And so it begins

I'm sitting in my house, alone, staring at the rain pouring down. My windows are opened, sheer curtains floating in the air in a seductive dance. A gust of wind and pounding rain have me aroused. What's a girl to do you may be thinking. Well, naturally, the first thing I did was to undress, leaving my cotton dress and Victoria's Secret panties lying in a pile on the floor.

I stand in front of the large picture windows and shut my eyes. The cool touch of air and light misting from the rain is akin to being seduced, slowly, by a lover.

I move my hands upwards, cupping my full and natural breasts in my hands. My nipples are aching for my touch, and they harden the instant my nails pinch them lightly.

I can feel my pussy becoming moist, yearning to be included in this mystical dance of seduction. I'm on 10 secluded acres and the idea of being in the storm, outside, alone and masturbating is a craving so strong that the hunger must be fed.

I step out, totally exposed to the wonder of nature. I breathe in quickly as the coolness envelopes my body. My nipples, already hard from the touch of my nails stiffen as the rain beats down

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