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Walker - An Amazing Encounter, Part 1

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


He walked through the door looking cocky and confident.

His mischievous grin was that of a man knowing the pleasure he was about to partake in.

Inhaling deeply he paused and took her all in…her scent, her shining auburn hair glimmering in the dim lights, her breasts, my god her breasts! They were overflowing and spilling out of the corset she was wearing.

Her legs, a sight to behold, were opening and closing as she swung them in a dance before him.

Her lips, full, shining and wet, begging to be kissed.

She smiled at him, telling him he seemed cockier than normal.

“It’s you” he replied. “You’re great for my ego.”

There was something about her that one could never adequately describe.

Tori was oozing sexuality as well as sensuality.

Her beauty was unique and captivating, and she looked nowhere near her age of 60. She told him on several occasions that she was proud of her age, and one need not question why.

She was quick witted, incredibly intelligent, well versed, and able to draw anyone into the warm and welcoming environment that she offered.

There was a type of raw magnetism and jovial positive energy that enveloped those who became close to her.

Walker was tall, burly and incredibly sexy.

He walked with an air of confidence that was well deserved.

He was handsome, well built, a man’s man, with a twinkle in his eyes that seemed to beckon one in a come hither and get ready for the ride of your life type of way.

Tori was sitting up on the bed, her nipples becoming hard at the sight of him.

He was a 5 star lover, matching Tori in the ravenous and almost insatiable appetite for sex.

There weren’t many gents who could satisfy her hunger, quench her thirst time and again, but Walker was in the top tier of her list.

He mentioned to her, on more than one occasion, that he lacked in self confidence and was always worried about not satisfying his lover.

This never seemed to be a problem with them. The ebbs and flows were natural and unique time and again.

Moving towards her he lowered himself to her waiting lips.

Their tongues danced the dance of lovers, craving what they were about to share, and savoring every moment of their time together.

He pulled away to assist her in removing his clothes.

Looking down at her, watching her lick her lips, was the stuff dreams were made of.

He reached down and let his fingers play over her nipples.

The sound of her breath catching in her throat at his touch was mesmerizing, addictive.

Their pace suddenly quickened, both knowing what was about to happen would be magical.

They didn’t want to rush, but then again they were both master craftsmen in the way they toyed with each other's bodies. It was always a frenzied mixture of rushing and slowing, like the beat of a perfect song.

He lowered his mouth, pulling her hair back to expose the soft creamy velvet of her neck.

The warmth of his moist breath as he drew her near made her shudder.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he whispered into her ear. In truth, she never seemed to leave his mid.

He would hunger for her as he had no woman before until they could be together and she would blow his mind again.

She seemed to be as addicted to him as he was to her. This was obvious in her labored breathing, almost panting for him.

The deep inhaling and exhaling caused her breasts to swell, a look he often went to when servicing himself.

His free hand moved into her cleavage. He felt her hand move over top of his as she guided him between her massive tits..

As he played, cupping the soft cushions of her tits, pinching her nipples….lightly, then in a rougher manner, just as she instructed him to do.

He felt dominant yet submissive when with her, and it was an exquisite combination meant to be savored, treasured, and appreciated.

Slowly she took his hand again, this time moving it to the top of her thighs, close enough to heaven that he could feel the sweet heat awaiting him.

Her hands found his bulge, practically throbbing for her, and she squeezed his balls. Releasing them as quickly as she had grabbed them, then raking her nails slightly from the sweet place where his ass met his balls, made his knees begin to buckle.

“Oh, you like that do you?” she asked in a testing manner.

“Then how about this” she continued as she reached for his cock, moving it up against his belly and opening her mouth just below his balls.

She looked up at him, matching the fire in his eyes as she let her tongue play over him.

He felt his jaw drop as she took his balls into her mouth, sucking as she did his cock.

The feeling, while exquisite and soul moving wasn’t what made him stop her.

It was the look in her eyes, that cloudy, smoldering look, the one of satisfaction at her effect on him that caused him to push her away.

Momentarily. He found himself shaking his head as though this would stop the massive orgasm begging to be released.

Keeping her face beneath his raging hard on she let her tongue move along the length of his shaft.

She would suddenly stop before reaching the head, her eyes smiling and playful.

Slowly she would take the head into her mouth, her lips not quite touching his skin.

The warm heat of her breath alone was better than any blow job he had ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

Playing his rod like a fine instrument, she brought him to the edge, and then stopped.

“Not yet, babe” she said.

She rose up from the bed and practically dove into him, her kisses heated and urgent.

Taking him by the face she pulled him onto the bed with her.

“I want you to taste me” she said in a voice so low he barely heard. Grasping at his shoulders, she began pushing him lower.

As he reached the soft flesh of her thighs he decided to get her back for her teasing.

Sticking his tongue out, pressing into her clit, and then pulling away he continued to tease.

“Is this what you want ?” he asked .

She reached down, her long black nails beckoning him towards her throbbing clit as she spread her lips for him.

It was a sight, a feast to behold.

He began licking at her thighs, her pussy, alongside but never quite touching her clit.

When she could stand it no longer she grabbed his head, pushing him into her pussy, now dripping wet.

Sucking at her clit caused her to moan aloud, but when he began fucking her with his tongue her cries were of pure passion, desire, and eventually release.

She came hard, the first time, her juice dripping into his mouth as he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper inside.

Her reactions, mind, body and spirit, were indicative of the heights she could reach. It was apparent in her unabashed relinquishing of all control.

She gave into her sexuality, allowing orgasms to reach new levels. She felt it in her body, her mind, her soul.

The way she let go was an incredible turn on. Watching her eyes cloud over, the biting of her lips, and the shuddering of her body, was a vision that would stay with her lovers forever.

He crawled over her, bringing his cock to that sweet place between her massive tits, as she instructed in an almost hoarse whisper.

Grabbing the oil and pouring it over her breasts made his pulse quicken. He knew the pleasure of titty fucking her as well as how much it turned hern,

She pressed her breasts together and told him to slide his cock in.

Her nails, long and sexy, crushing her breasts together made the vision that much sexier.

She told him how much she loved having her titties fucked, how the feel of a cock sliding back and forth, occasionally being captured in her wet mouth, and the sound it made, that of a wet pussy, made her clit begin to swell.

She told him to slow down, not wanting him to cum until she had several times.

Walker reached down and took his cock in his hands, pulling it out of her cleavage and slapping it against her nipples.

They were a pretty shade of pink, and with each slap of his cock they grew harder and harder.

Tori instructed him to bring his manhood to her mouth, licking her lips as she spoke the words.

Joyfully obliging, he moved further up, rubbing the head against her wet lips, making her beg for what she wanted.

He finally gave in and watched in astonished amazement as she took him completely into her mouth, her lips resting against his balls.

He had never been as deep in a woman’s throat as he had been with Tori, and he had told her on more than one occasion that she had a mad head game. Top notch…simply the best.

He felt her starting to move and grind beneath him and knew she wanted to be fucked.

At times she wanted it hard, making her cry out with each deep thrust.

Other times she wanted it slow, matching the pace of their sweet kisses.

But mostly she wanted a combination of both.

He moved to that place between her legs as she hiked herself up on the pillows.

She loved to watch, and did so as she rubbed the head against her pretty pink clit.

Her pussy was wet and shining, begging for a hard cock, but just as he was about to enter her she grabbed his rod, slapping it hard against her clit.

She would then quickly slip the head in, but no more.

When he thought he could stand it no longer and needed to be buried inside her she would pull it out and focus all attention on her magnificent clit again.

She brought herself to the edge of orgasm, and just as her body began to give in she told him, almost begged him, to fuck her hard.

He happily obliged, grasping at the headboard as he rammed into her, burying himself balls deep in her twat.

Concerned that he was being too rough, he eased up, briefly, almost amazed that she was telling him she wanted it harder…faster.

“Alright baby” here ya go, he said as he pounded into her, deeper and deeper, bottoming out in her sugar walls.

She seemed to open up for him, like a flower in the spring, and he felt as though he was swimming in a pool of seduction.

He brought her to orgasm again, and felt her puss convulsing, almost milking what precum was left out of his cock and into her cunt.

I want it from behind, she had told him, and he helped to flip her over, watching in amazement as she hiked her ass in the air, giving him full access to her fat pussy lips.

His cock slid in, and he felt as if he was going even deeper, feeling his manhood buried inside her now dripping hole.

He grabbed her hips, and couldn't help but dig his fingers in as he drove into her, over and over until her body began to tremble, and her cries sounded almost anguished.

Neither could hold on any longer.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum” he managed to stammer.

“Where do you want it?”

The words were still on his lips as she backed into him, her twat beginning to spasm, her juice freely flowing, quickly mixing with the huge load he planted deep inside her.

His body lost all control, and he gave in to the most incredible orgasm he had ever had.

It took all his strength to not collapse atop her small but curvy body.

At the same moment she straightened her knees, falling into the mattress.

As the last bit of cum pumped into her, he moved to pull out.

She stopped him, telling him she wanted his cock to stay inside her until it eventually fell out.

He did as she asked, both of them having shifted onto their sides.

She pushed back into him until their bodies were one.

Lying there, entangled in the sheets and in one another, they both caught their breath.

She had drained him this time, physically and mentally.

Before he could even fully form those thoughts he felt his cock almost pop out of her, followed by a gush of liquid, his cum mixed with hers, that began flowing freely down her tight cute ass and onto his balls.

Unbelievably he felt his dick beginning to harden again.

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