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VS Dressing Room

The attractive couple slowly made their way through the racks, drawers and stands full of lacy thongs, cleavage boosting bras, and assorted panties.

He was in heaven being here with the woman he considered to be the sexiest in the world.

Not only was she stunning to look at but her fun and playful manner was intoxicating.

There was no hint of embarrassment or modesty as she held one item after another in front of her fabulous figure for his approval.

She radiated more than mere sexuality and sensuality.

To her, sex was an art form and she was a master at her craft.

She turned the heads of men, of all ages, as well as those of women wherever she went. He had been with her when she was on the receiving end of a compliment from a stranger time and again.

She exuded warmth and friendliness, but also an air of mystery.

Her confidence was apparent and part of her appeal. She wasn’t always the prettiest woman in the room, but she was almost always the most alluring. The most captivating.

One felt both welcome and comfortable in her company while still experiencing a level of excited, almost nervous energy.

At times one could compare her to a jaguar, gracefully and seductively toying with her prey until the time for play was right.

She was adding one item after another into his arms, and it seemed all he could do was gawk, nod yes, and do his best to keep the rise in his pants from showing.

She had warned him, not surprisingly, to wear loose fitting trousers for just this reason.

Allowing his mind to wander, undressing her and visualizing the magnificent natural DDs and cute little butt in the garments she held up for his approval, he kept settling on the fact that it would all look fabulous both on and off her.

He also kept circling back to the fact that this was by far the most sexually charged afternoon of his life, and he was wearing the smile to prove it.

Even if nothing physical happened between them later, he felt more satisfied here, with her, in this moment, than at any other time in his sexual life. Simply put this was the most erotic and stimulating escapade he had ever been privy to.

They made their way towards the rear of the store and she quickly let out a gasp as she picked up a black strappy garter belt with matching bra and panties.

Adding it, in both the black and red, onto the pile, she asked “This is a must have, wouldn’t you agree”?

Meeting her gaze, he quickly realized there was no need for an answer. The twinkle in her eyes spoke volumes, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking, and it was bringing her an immense amount of pleasure watching him watching her.

His arms were piled high with assorted frilly and delicate items as they finally made their way to the glitzy and glamorous dressing room area.

They were quickly greeted by a stunning young clerk who extended an arm, both pointing the way towards one of the locked dressing room doors and quickly removing the pile of garments he was holding.

A well manicured hand unlocked the door for the older woman and began placing the items on a rack.

His wood came to full attention as Tori watched the pretty brunette lean over in front of her, shooting her an admiring look while licking her already moist lips.

“There’s a small sofa out here if you’d like to have a seat,” the girl was saying, as Tori politely cut her off.

“Let's call him my stylist, so, naturally he will be lending a hand back here where he’s needed.”

The younger woman blushed and, at an obvious loss for words, excused herself.

He turned his head in time forTori to plant a full wet kiss on his lips, hungrily pulling him into the privacy of the small room as she did.

Her hands slipped inside his shirt as she quickly and deftly loosened his tie.

She pushed him back against the wall and looked into his eyes as she lowered herself to her knees…

Ok, so these are just “teasers” so I’ll cut the story off here. *insert devilish laugh*

I will tell you that this is a true story, and the memory of the beginning, middle and end still make my knees weak.

And I know, for a fact, that my friend who helped make it such an incredible afternoon will never, ever, walk by a lingerie store and not think of me!

I’m just sayin!

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