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Trying new and sexy things!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

So today was awesome as I tried something new! Believe it or not, I have never done a boudoir shoot. I Swear! Back in “the day”, I attended the numerous shoots of all my gorgeous girls. I found it then, and now, to be an incredibly stimulating and empowering experience. I think it’s great that women are once again comfortable being hot, sexy, glamorous, and self assured in their beauty. It seems like things have come around and this sisterhood of ours is finally able to realize that we are each in possession of one of the most valuable things in the world. I’m not speaking just monetarily. Although sites such as OnlyFans and YouTube have brought wealth and a certain type of power to a long list of really smart and smokin ‘women! It’s not just a sexual thing as, in my opinion all women are fabulous (unless they fuck it up by being bitchy and unkind). We seem to have come full circle and this time around we are taking life head on, exploring our own sexuality in a free and non judgemental arena. IMHO, if you’ve got it, use it! Getting all dolled up and flaunting our assets is more than acceptable and todays’ generation of fabulous women seems to be using what the good lord gave them to obtain the power, recognition, and both the sexual and monetary gratification that is so deserved. So, as I was saying before I went off on a tangent, I did a boudoir shoot. I arrived at the upscale boudoir studio, makeup free and ready to strike a pose. The fabulous photographer and the makeup artist were quick to assure me that it was ok to feel a little shy at first. They started to expand on that thought when I quickly put it to rest. I gave them the two minute blurb about who and what I was, as well as what I needed the pictures for and we were fast friends. Hopefully they will take a look at my writing and become loyal followers as well. Let’s just say there was an instant feeling of comfort and camaraderie, and I felt no judgment at all from the other women. That, in and of itself, was incredibly refreshing. I was offered a Mimosa, as was my companion, but we both politely turned that down. I’m more of a weed person and not so much a drinker, and, as such, alcohol hits me in no time. The four of us laughed, chatted and shared stories….Rissell, the makeup artist actually took the prize for best story!! I was posing in numerous different poses and with several props (chaise lounge, vanity table etc) while the conversation and laughs continued. The atmosphere was quite laid back in contrast to the upscale surroundings and I have no doubt even those of you who tend to be shy would blossom in the wonderful atmosphere. Diana, my photographer and owner of the studio, was professional, outgoing, energetic, and a true gem to work with. The abundance of compliments and coaching on poses made me feel gorgeous, sexy, and friggin hot! I highly recommend a boudoir shoot for all you ladies, and I suggest you gents tag along! Just talking about it is stimulating and once you have booked you get the thrill of anticipation as the day of your shoot draws near. Diana suggested my friend (thanks VB) take video on my phone so I could snap some screen shots to use for Instagram. She suggested posting a few pics to drive the anticipation for the unveiling of the professional shots once they are ready. I’ll post the pics on Patreon as a promo and for the viewing pleasure of the fans who requested them.. I am, after all, the main character in all my stories and people have been asking what I look like. I’m building my courage up and will likely start showing face pics in the very near future so stay tuned! I’m still a tad nervous about revealing my full identity but I’m getting there. For the record it’s not me that gets me nervous, it’s that one odd duck out there lol. Please check me out and like me on Instagram! All my links are available at I hope you all enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the process of creating them!

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