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Tori's Stories

I promised a story a day and here we go with my first post to “Tori’s Stories”.

Apparently unlike many of us, I wake up every Monday with a go get um kinda of attitude, smiling and ready to begin a new week.  I've been told most folks do not love Monday mornings the way I do. Go figure.   So yesterday, being a Monday, was no exception.  I awoke with a smile on my face that could light up a room.  The anticipation of the day’s job interview had kept me tossing and turning throughout the night, wondering and wanting the new girl to be perfect.

I spent over 15 years running my service, Tori’s Secret, an upscale escort and modeling service based out of Georgetown in Washington DC.  

I then took a step back, for quite a few years from the business.  Drama with women (shocking lol) and the business overflowing into my personal life took a toll on me and I vanished from the boards as quickly as I had appeared.  

So much had changed since I first made my appearance as Tori on a DC Escort message board.

First, the fact that we are now called “Sex Workers” Is interesting at best.  I don’t necessarily agree with that title as we are so much more.

I’m almost embarrassed to point out the glaringly obvious fact that escorts make a dramatic improvement to the mental stability and primal urges of the gents  we cater to.  The men, and most of their marriages for that matter, are in a better state of mental health when they can make the occasional visit to the Sex Worker”  of their choice.

As  you may well know, there are many levels to this business and I have , once again, found myself sky rocketing right to the top, landing myself in the upper echelon and once again becoming highly regarded with respect and appreciation for the professional, yet incredibly personal manner in which I conduct the business of pleasure..

All that said, I currently have two lovely ladies associated with the stellar name of Tori’s Secret.  Ava, who has been with me for several months has quickly gained the reputation of a total babe and rockstar, is moving along with a smile on her face, and a sexual appetite that just doesn’t stop!  

Harper,who is new to the business, brings me back to the reason for the smile on my face yesterday morning.  

Harper had already met my official “taste tester”, Mr. M, and he was instantly smitten with her.  She has an amazing tight body with a perfectly rounded ass that just won’t quit!  But when she reached up and slowly, rather deliberately removed her hair claw he almost lost it.   Her gorgeous dark brown hair with highlights that glistened in the light of the studio cascaded slowly down, landing just above the crack of the stunning woman’s aforementioned perfect derriere.

There was an audible gasp as Mr.M caught his breath.

Needless to say everything flowed along smoothly that day.

Naturally I stayed to observe thereby allowing myself to form an honest opinion as to whether or not Harper would fit in as one of my girls.  She passed that test with flying colors, and Mr.M practically gushed over her crazy tight and so so pretty kitty.

Harper’s second appointment was also with me in tow when we visited a charming gent at his stunning home.  I knew she was a tad nervous, but honestly who wouldn’t be (other than me of course).

Ava was instantly dubbed a 10 in the ratings but there were the first 3 or 4 appointments where I had to take the lead and show her how to not only please a man but to blow his fucking mind!

Her nerves settled shortly after we arrived when we moved the party to the stunning two story deck and indulged in a blunt  followed by a delicious cocktail.  

After swapping stories and allowing Harper and our rather distinguished and handsome host to get better acquainted I suggested moving the party, along with our sex on the beach cocktails (in the dead of winter no less) up to the master suite.

The gent had discreetly let me know that he found Harper to be absolutely stunning, and he had yet to see her in lingerie.

My new gf and I excused ourselves to the master bath and freshened up while adorning our spectacular bodies with breathtaking lingerie, stockings and heels included of course!

We walked out of the restroom to find a rock hard cock waiting for us.  I indulged in his steel rod, running my tongue from the tip of his sweet precum covered head to that sweet spot between the balls and ass that so many women tend to neglect.

Harper joined in, seeming to sense he would quickly lose his load in the depths of my throat if she didn’t.

I got to observe, from behind, as she rode him that would make any Texas cowgirl proud.  The fact that she was also stimulating both her clit and his cock with her Rose vibrator made the show all the better.

I’m not into girl on girl action, but I do appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body, and, as it turns out, I get off, to an extent, on inhaling her essence.  I  have been involved in more than my fair share of sexual scenarios where other women were involved, but somehow I missed the fact that every pussy has a different scent.  I can’t even put it into words, but the scent is unmistakably sexual and gives credence to the whole pheromones thing.

As I was watching, running my long gorgeous nails over the gents balls as Harper’s twat swallowed his cock, I realized I was really getting off.  Well, my fingers that had been expertly working my clit did assist in that finale.

As I began to shake, my legs wobbling and unsteady, I felt, more than heard, the rapid breathing of my two companions.  Apparently I had been narrating, sharing with them what I was seeing, feeling, smelling, and doing to myself.  The sheer chemistry shared between the three of us was almost palpable. It was so intense.

We all cried aloud, Harper in the sweetest of moans, the gent in a guttural grunting type of noise, and me as I gasped and mutterred something along the lines of “fuck yes”.  The entire bed was vibrating, 3 sweaty bodies intertwined in what would certainly be a lifelong memory.

Skipping ahead, yesterday I invited Harper to join Ava and I with this freaky old gent who is into being tied up.

I wasn't sure how Harper would handle it, and I definitely wanted to observe.

The idea was that Ava, my former student, would share the plethora of knowledge I have provided her with and “teach”, if you will, the way to please a man.  Honey, it ain’t through his stomach, that’s for damned sure!

Harper was a natural, getting into it, and all but taking the lead in a sexual ritual with this freaky guy that had her smiling, a devilish, sexy type of smile, for the rest of the day.

I’ll share that story, along with pics and video clips, in my journal entry tomorrow.



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