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Tori's Girls Presents ~ Harper

So today was an incredibly steamy one for me!

I have a new girl, Harper, who has joined Ava as one of "Tori's Girls"!

As you must have heard by now, Ava is a huge hit with the gents! Her legs that go on forever are simply stunning and sure to melt any man into her puddle of clay to do with as she chooses.

Harper is slender, hair down to her sweet and tight ass and nipples on her natural C cups that are so perfect I thought they were pasties! I swear, so perfect!

Anyway, she came to the studio and did a photoshoot (as well as meeting a gentleman friend of mine to get his thumbs up or down).

Although she is new to adult entertainment she fell right into beat and was sexy as all getup!

It's snowing here, so I'm off to take pics of my dogs in the woods on my peaceful and picturesque ten acres!

All in all, what a fabulous day!

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