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"They're Real and They're Spectacular"

They appear as soft as the gentle clouds that slowly drift by.

Her skin is like the rarest of silks or the softest of rose petals.

Her nipples, only slightly darker, come alive with your touch.

You take them in your hands and, as always, you are stunned at the weight of them. They're heavy, surprisingly so, and they fall with grace in front of her.

You pause to take her all in, smiling at the look in her eyes. You've seen it before, and it carries with it the promise of what's to come.

You try to look at the rest of her, but for now you are lost in a place you know you want to be.

As with many others before you, you are seemingly hypnotized by her stunning natural DDs.

The soft bounce as she walks mesmerizes not only you but the others around.

Her cleavage looks warm and inviting as she lean in for a kiss.

You picture your member, as hard as steel and still wet from her mouth, sliding between them. You love pressing your hands against hers as you push them together, creating a warm, moist tunnel of sheer heaven.

They are, undeniably, a must see!

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