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The Time Is Right, Wouldn’t You Agree?

I’ve developed a bit of a following and the same request is made on a fairly regular basis: “Would you please write a book!?”

I think that’s a fabulous idea, given my love of both writing and the subject matter at hand.

So…..I will be putting out a chapter a week, more if I can, starting nextt Friday!

The “book” will be written in blog form, and have an option for jumping right to the steamy erotic stuff.

However, I highly advise you read it all.

As one can imagine, I have met some odd (to say the least) folks in my days in the business.

It seems that quite a few were memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Should you find yuorself setteld down, engrossed in my words, chapter by chapter, be prepared to explain your laughter to those around you when you bust out.

Funny porn! I’ve finally found my niche!

I’ll be sharing my stories of the gent who wanted to be roasted like a chicken, to the moving day puple dildo scare, to the porn we shot as a reality show years before that was a “thing”.

I will also introduce to you the incredibly gorgeous and fabulous women who worked with me, especially the blue eyed brunette who was one of the most memorable lovers I’ve had…Mmmmm Paige!

From the hot, petite French Canadian chick who was a total freak, to the girl next door doe eyed natural DDDD blonde!

Aww good times that should be shared over cocktails with old friends!

I’ll keep you flipping from laughter to loin stirring in the same moment.

I would be remiss if I didn’t detail for you one of the many parties full of my girls, my top clients and the other women who were at the top of their fields.

We were similar, yet intensely different, from any other after hours office get togethers at a public upscale DC loation.

Why is it then,that the majority of the restaurant guests couldn’t keep their eyes off my group?

Everything was 5star and incredibly glamorous. It was a fascinating time in my life, one where I formed lasting bonds with some wonderful folks while being introduced to the high life.

I cannot wait to share with you the evenings, or afternoons,or occasional mornings after 😉 I spent getting to know the women around me.

You will feel sparks of jealousy when I explain my “interview” process for new girls who had been referred to me.

Suffice it to say the first gent any and all of them would meet would be dubbed my “Taste Tester”.

What an enviable “job” he had!

So, please , take ypur time perusing my site. Take pleasure in the erotic images spinning in your ehard from the moment tou start reading!

Please like my post and hit subscribe if you would like to be on my email list.

It’s going to be a great ride!!

Peace T

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