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The Oil Change

She sat in the waiting room, her laptop resting on her long, firm legs. She was checking emails while she waited for the oil change to be completed on her car.

She glanced up, having that feeling of someone watching her, and noticed the older gentleman across the waiting room quickly divert his glance. She smiled beneath her mask, aware of the fact that he had been watching her intently.

Tori was wearing a mid length pencil skirt with a pair of sexy black pumps. She knew, if she crossed her legs in just the right way, she would be giving him a glimpse of her thigh highs, black and silky against her long legs.

So, naturally, she crossed her legs, slowly, licking her lips beneath her mask and thinking how sad it was that that sensual motion was going unseen. With that thought she briefly lowered her mask, making eye contact for the first time.

As anticipated, the older gentleman wasn’t as quick to look away this time. She moved one leg on top of the other, leaning slightly as she did so to provide him with the best view.

He couldn’t look away. His eyes widened and he let out the slightest of moans as he exhaled.

She was exquisite. She had medium length shimmering auburn hair, seductive and sultry deep brown eyes, and full, ripe lips that made for a koller smile.

She was 5’4”, petite yet curvy. Although on the slender side, Tori still had a voluptuous body. She was 57 but no one would have guessed. Her beauty had not faded over time, but rather it was now accentuated with years of wisdom hidden behind her sparkling deep set eyes. She sported a set natural DDs and her ass, though small, was firm and shapely.

He watched her as she lowered one scarlet red nail to scratch a place above her knee but not as high up the thigh as he would have liked to have seen.

She seemed to sense his thoughts, and by now he had given up trying to catch discreet glances at her.

Rather, he held his phone, the text he was sending his wife all but forgotten, and watched, waiting for her to cross those shapely legs again.

The clerk exited the small lobby and the two were left alone. He couldn’t believe it but she had lowered her mask and was moving her fingertip to her glossy lips, signaling for him to be quiet.

Sher walked towards him, unbuttoning the top button of her blouse as she did.

She now stood directly in front of him, his eyes at a perfect level with her flat belly.

He was stunned and speechless as she stood there, eyes locked on his,, sliding her hand into her bra and touching her breasts. She reached for his hand and then hiked her skirt up a few inches, guiding him to her inner thigh.

He couldn’t move, feeling as though he was in a place of shock and pleasure, something he had never experienced in his mundane and predictable sex life.

She seemed to sense this as she held his hand, sliding it further up the velvety softness of her thigh.

He swore he could feel the heat coming from her pussy. He was close enough to simply reach out a finger and touch it, but he was still somewhat skeptical as to what was occurring.

He knew he should be concerned, they were in a public place. The clerk would eventually come back and see what they were doing.

As if sensing his thoughts she motioned for him to follow her outside. He did exactly what she wanted, seemingly under her spell. Any rational thoughts telling her to stop were quickly pushed aside.

He followed her out the front door and across the parking lot to a grassy spot behind a row of trees. Once there she turned to face him, and, still not speaking a word, lowered herself to her knees. She was unbuttoning his pants and then lowering his zipper. As she did so she was kissing the spot in his pants where his now large bulge showed. The heat of her breath was maddening through the fabric.

His pants dropped to the ground and she reached inside his boxers to free his manhood. She inhaled and then let a small mmm loose as she saw his cock was dripping with precum.

His wife had always hated this and, though they had been married for 25 years and raised 3 children together, she still made him wear a condom during sex. He honestly could not remember the last time she had been on her knees in front of him as this total stranger now was, hopefully preparing to suck him dry.

Her hands cupped his balls, lightly massaging as she extended her tongue and began to slowly circle the head of his cock. She licked at his precum, and then to his delight she let a bit drip onto her finger, putting it in her mouth sucking it off as he watched intently.

His hands moved to her hair which was soft as silk. He ran his fingers through it, and finally grasped a handful as he pushed her forward, her to take his cock deep in her throat. She seemed to enjoy this and so he tested the waters a bit more. He began to slowly pull out of her mouth and then slide his cock in again, all the way to the back of her throat. She made a sound that was somewhere between gagging and pleasure. As she did, she grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper in. Having established the motion, he began to fuck this incredible strangers mouth.

Tori brought him to the edge, and then would stop, releasing him from the warm suction of her mouth and using her tongue to dart along the shaft.

Her hand moved to his penis and began stroking as she looked up at him. With her eyes boring into his she took both of his balls in her mouth, sucking slowly and softly. He had never felt such pleasure, such raw sexuality, with any other woman.

He was close to losing it and wanted to do so in her mouth, but she had other plans.

Releasing her mouth from his balls, she stood and raised her skirt to her waist.

He was thrilled to see she was wearing no panties, only her stockings and garter belt.

She took his hand and put it between her legs, allowing him to feel her wetness.

Then she turned away from him and bent over, grabbing the tree stump in front of her for support.

She reached back and took his cock in her hand, rubbing the head against her wet and throbbing clit as she did.

She rubbed herself with his cock as though he were her own personal vibrator, and it turned him on more than anything else ever had in his life.

She began to moan, her legs were shaking. As she came, her juices flowing onto his cock and down her thigh, she guided him inside.

Her tight pussy was still convulsing, as though she were trying to milk the cum from him.

“Faster” she moaned in a husky whisper. “Harder”. . His cock had never been so hard, had never felt so alive.

There was a connection with this stranger he couldn’t explain. It was as though his sexual being had come alive for the first time. He was driven by desire, passion, the need to both satisfy and be satisfied.

He did as she asked, grabbing her by the shoulders and slamming his cock into her. For an instant he wondered if he was being too rough, but her body began to shudder and sounds of pure ecstasy, sounds he had never before heard, almost animal like, were escaping her lips with every thrust of his cock.

He was as deep inside of her as he could possibly go, bottoming out in her juicy pink cunt. Her cum flowed freely making his cock literally glide in and out of her, as though they were one.

His knees began to buckle and he bit hard into his lips, trying to stop himself from crying out. His orgasm started somewhere in his balls and shot out of him with such force he knew she could feel it. He pumped hard into her, and it felt as though each thrust was the beginning of another orgasm until his entire body began to tremble and he came with such force, such raw animal desire, it almost shocked him.

She was pressing back against him, her ass wet with perspiration and from the cum dripping out of her in a steady stream.

“Oh damn” was all he could manage.

“Ditto” she responded, her voice husky and barely perceptible.

“Miss McComish?” . The sound of her name being called out shocked her. Had the front desk fellow returned, unnoticed by the two?

She looked up and realized it was all a daydream. She glanced at her computer screen and saw she had typed out the entire fantasy. She felt a flush come over her, almost embarrassed for how lost in her own story she had let herself become.

She stood up and, on somewhat unsteady legs, collected the keys for her car and settled the bill. She turned to walk out the door, and as she passed the older gent in the waiting room he stood, facing her and slipped his business card into her hand.

“If you’re game, I’d love to read whatever had you so engrossed in your computer”, he smiled, a knowing and hungry look in his eyes. “Maybe see if our minds were wandering to the same fulfilling place.” He was surprised he was able to get the words out, but he wasn’t going to miss his chance.

Best oil change ever, they each thought to themselves as they parted ways.

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