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The most treasured commodity in life

Updated: Jan 25

A woman's flower.

Soft, delicate layers of pink petals, meant to be peeled away bit by bit, each leading to her most intimate spots.

Wet, like a sweet dew kissed flower in the early morning.

Erotic, the aroma, like nothing else in the world, is intoxicating, begging to be devoured.

The clitoris, slightly hooded and meant to be sought after, is the giver of the most intense, life shattering and soul moving act in life, a woman's orgasm.

She begins to shake, her breaths becoming gulps of air.

Her eyes become cloudy, misting over as she gives in to the momentous feeling overtaking her body…..

her mind, her very being.

Her juices, flowing freely into your waiting mouth, quenching a thirst that is undeniable and everlasting.

Peel away the layers, now radiating heat and a raw animal magnetism, and you will find her sugar walls.

When entering her you will feel as though you are on a high in the most erotic, welcoming, warm and moist of places.

You are amazed at how tight she is, squeezing your pulsating rod as she begs you to go deeper….deeper.

Her cum, dripping down your thighs as she screams aloud, leaking more of her juice with each thrust.

Pussy - The most sought after and treasured commodity since the beginning of time.

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