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The Interview

He sat nervously at his desk waiting for her.

Was she really as sexy as he was imagining? Was she all talk or were the sexual scenarios she had been enticing him with real?

What if she wasn’t attracted to him? What if she wasn’t as hot as he kept picturing in his mind? Could she live up to the fantasies he had been having while stroking his cock for over a month now?

There was no time left to contemplate these things as his phone pinged and he saw a text from her.

“I’m here” said the incredibly sexy voice on the other end. “ Are you sure you’re ready for me?”

Not knowing how to honestly respond to that he said “Of course. Come on in. I’ll meet you at the side entrance”.

He felt like a horny teenager as he rose from his chair. His legs were actually a little wobbly. He laughed aloud at himself. “Get a grip William. She’s just a woman.”

At the other end of that text exchange Scarlett applied a quick coat of lip gloss before stepping out of her car.

She, too, was nervous. This is crazy, she kept thinking. The attractive redhead with the incredible body had been with countless men, both as part of her “job” and in a more sensual, intimate way in her personal life.

What if he isn’t physically attracted to me she was wondering, yet again. Or, even worse, what is the sex is lousy. It had always surprised Scarlett that people could be bad at sex. It seemed to come to her as naturally as breathing did. It had always been a part of who she was. At least ever since she had developed into a young woman with a gorgeous set of natural DDs atop her petite frame.

She was almost to the side door where they had agreed to meet before proceeding to Williams office. She saw the door open slightly and he stepped out.

His eyes were moving up and down her body, taking in every inch. He licked his lips at the delicious woman he saw approaching him.

He said a very weak hello, shocked to hear his voice was a bit shaky.

Scarlett found his apparent nervousness adorable.

“Hi” she said as a huge smile formed on her face. “So we finally meet!”

William extended a hand to her as a formal greeting. Scarlett took his hand in hers as she leaned in. He assumed she was going to give him a warm, friendly peck on the cheek.

Instead she kissed him full on the mouth. Her lips were soft as they met his. The kiss was brief but they both felt a warmth overcome them. Scarlett pulled away for a moment and looked into his eyes.

She found herself lost in them. She couldn’t seem to draw herself away from their intensity. . They stood there, looking at each other without saying a word. There was no need for words as the sexual energy was almost palpable.

Although they could have begun to devour each other right there and then, for discretionary reasons they slipped through the open side door. However, before the door could fully shut she was moving forward and pressing into him. She began to kiss him again. The soft delicate kisses quickly became more passionate with a sense of urgency. He parted his lips as her tongue entered his mouth, seemingly dancing with his.

He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace.

She took one of his hands in hers, her lips never departing from the exploration of her soon to be lovers mouth.

He was thrilled as he felt her moving his hand to her breasts. He had noticed how the buttons of her tight dress seemed to strain in an effort to hold them in. Or was it in an effort to release them? Moaning aloud she put his hand to her chest where he found the first of the gold buttons, deftly flicking it open. Her breasts rose and fell to the rhythm of her quickened breathing.

He pulled away from her and looked in astonishment. They were absolutely beautiful, her cleavage an inviting warm spot where he could picture his hands. His mouth. His cock, which now seemed to have a pulse all its own as it throbbed for her.

As though she could read his mind she moved her hands lower. She made a deliciously lustful sound as she felt how incredibly hard he was.

She saw a damp spot beginning to seep through his pants.

Scarlett absentmindedly licked her lips as she saw it, wanting to taste this man. She needed to have the sweetness of his precum dancing on her tongue.

She worked the belt of his pants and he allowed her to unbutton and unzip. They dropped to the floor as his cock sprang loose. “You’re not the only one going commando today”.

He knew the building was relatively empty as it had been for months. His mind tried to work, wondering if they should do this right here or move to the privacy of his office.

Before he could make an intelligent formative thought she led him to the stairs.

She sat down on the fourth step and pulled him closer. She looked into his eyes as she moved her mouth towards his cock.

The touch of her tongue was so soft, so incredibly light on his swollen head it was barely perceptible. Scarlett wanted to take this slowly. She knew he hadnt had any type of sex for over four years and she had every intention of making this first time worthy of the wait.

His precum was sweet, musky, and dripping from the head of his cock onto her waiting tongue.

She held his cock up toward his stomach as she moved her tongue expertly from the head down the shaft and to his balls.

Her nails were lightly playing with his balls and her tongue soon was as well.

It was everything he could do to not explode right there, in her mouth, in the stairwell. He was certain she would welcome that load but he wanted the feeling he was having at that moment to never end. He felt as though he were in heaven. He already knew this woman was everything he had imagined. And more.

She licked and played with his balls until he grabbed her by the hair and put his cock into her mouth.

William had had plenty of blow jobs in his life but this woman was incredible. She was in a league by herself. With her movements and moans she encouraged him to fuck her mouth. She seemed to want to feel him hitting the back of her throat.

He had never been with a woman who seemed to actually be hungry for him.

She could feel the warmth and then the wetness in her pussy. The more excited he was, the closer she brought him to orgasm, the wetter she seemed to get.

He fucked her mouth for what seemed an eternity yet, at the same time, mere seconds.

Each time he thought he couldn’t hold back any longer she seemed to sense it and would take his cock out of her mouth and playfully lick and tease the shaft. The head, His balls.

As she took him into her mouth again, he felt his legs begin to shake. He told her he was about to cum and she sucked harder. She really did want his cum in her mouth. Down her throat.

As four years of pent up sexual frustration exploded from Williams cock he strained to not scream. The pleasure was incredibly intense, more than he had ever hoped for.

She grabbed his ass and pulled him towards her, seemingly swallowing his cock. She continued this motion, feasting on the massive load he was pumping down her throat. As he gave her every last drop she felt her juice beginning to leak out of her pussy.

“Let’s move this party to your office,” she said as she stood up, pulling his hand and guiding it under her skirt and rubbing it against her throbbing clit.. “You need to fuck me” she said as he felt her juice leaking from her hot puss.

He was thinking she must be out of her mind. He would need at least an hour down time before he could get it up again. But before these thoughts were even completely formed he felt himself already rising to the occasion.

He did his best to straighten himself up before they left the privacy of the hallway and entered into the main office complex. True, it was almost always deserted these days with most folks teleworking, but you could never be too safe. He almost laughed out loud at the insanity of that thought. He had just received the best blowjob of his life in a place that had public access and was far from private yet he never once thought to stop her.

He led her down the hallway to a beautiful suite of offices he had designed a few years back. They walked past a suite of smaller offices and finally made it to the corner office with its spectacular views of Old Town Alexandria and the Potomac River beyond.

He shut the door and she was immediately back in his arms, their lips meeting, their lovers dance picking up where they left off.

He pulled her dress off over her head and stared in awe at the beauty of her body.

She was slender but had very well defined hips, a full ample bosom and long spectacular legs. She had just the right amount of muscle, and her tone arms and legs were stunning alongside the soft fullness of her hips and ass.

She sat on his desk, her legs opening and closing as she beckoned him to the chair.

He did as she wanted and sat down. She spread her legs wide and began playing with her clit, slipping her fingers into her ready and waiting pussy.

Motioning with her finger, she directed him to her waiting heaven. He rolled forward in the chair as she spread her lips for him.

He let his hands wander up her legs, staring at her open twat glistening before him. He moved his fingers slowly to her clit and began to lightly play, marveling at the way she was swelling and throbbing at his touch.

To be continued.

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