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The Bubble Bath

He opened the bathroom door to find her totally relaxed in a tub of bubbles. Her eyes were closed, a soft pout on her full lips. Standing there for a moment he watched her, drinking it all in.

The light foam was moving softly over her breasts leaving her skin glistening and wet. Steam was rising slowly, and it seemed to dance in front of her, somehow making the sexiest woman he had ever known even more so.

He stood there, gazing at her, this woman who was, by all accounts, a sexual goddess. He could feel the highly charged energy seemingly oozing from her.

As if sensing him there she quickly opened her eyes. A smile slowly spread over her face as she saw him, her eyes moving lower to his cock, which was visibly throbbing against the constraint of his pants.

The candles were flickering, and her eyes seemed to capture the glow, creating a slow and sultry dance for lovers in their dark brown depths.

She lifted one hand from the bubbles and beckoned him to join her.

He couldn't peel off his clothes quickly enough, feeling as though he was going to lose his load before he had even touched this incredible woman before him.

His pants flew off, followed by his shirt, both quickly discarded into a heap on the floor. Removing his boxers seemed to provide her pleasure as she gave him a look of approval and raw desire. She licked at the gloss on her pretty lips, deliberately driving him mad with desire.

He paused for a moment, wanting to absorb every moment of this experience and capture it in his memory to cherish forever.

Slowly he moved towards the tub. He reached down, gently touching her beautiful auburn mane. He, like so many others, was always fascinated by the softness of her hair, her skin, and of course the best pussy he had ever had, all like raw silk.

Before he could step in to join her, she stopped him, reaching forward. His cock was visibly throbbing by now, begging for her as she slowly began to stroke him. Her touch was incredible, and one like no other. Her hand was dripping wet and incredibly warm, causing the heat to somehow penetrate his skin. This was a feeling he had never before experienced, and it was quickly causing his knees to buckle.

When he thought he could stand it no longer, this delectable pleasure she was bestowing him, she leaned forward and took his throbbing member into her mouth.

He let out a gasp, a moan so primal he would recall it for years to come.

Her long, gorgeous nails slowly moved beneath his balls. Finding his taint, she began to slowly play, lightly scratching, gently pushing, all the while giving him immense pleasure. Her touch was so light it was barely perceptible, yet somehow seemed to radiate deep within him.

Looking up at him, she began to teasingly lick at the head of his cock. The warmth of her breath combined with the steam in the room made him lightheaded with pleasure.

Moving from his taint, tingling with the pleasure of her touch, her pretty nails found and slowly began raking over his balls. She paused there for a bit, lightly stroking them, then almost roughly squeezing. The feeling was exquisite, and she was thrilled at the pleasure she was providing him.

She paused only to tell him they felt incredibly full and that she'd love for him to shoot his load down her throat.

With that she took his cock fully into her mouth and deep into her throat. She had crazy mad skills and he would often recall how he was eternally grateful for that.

Reaching down he took her head in his hands. With her spare hand she reached around and took his ass in her hand, pushing him forward and even deeper into her inviting and welcoming throat.

He began fucking her mouth, not at all like any of the number of blow jobs he'd had in the past. This was on the level of driving a top-of-the-line sports car, and each encounter with her was a once in a lifetime experience.

This auburn-haired beauty, natural DDs bouncing beneath him with each thrust, was encouraging him to actually fuck her mouth. Her tongue was moving, swirling around his cock, teasing the head before every thrust back into her throat. The sound was sloppy with her sucking, licking and completely devouring him.

When he felt he could no longer stand, his legs now beginning to give way, she took him even deeper and he could hear her moaning, actually loving the pleasure she was giving him. He let out a guttural sound as he exploded into her pretty mouth.

She was gulping it down, holding him in place, seeming to delight in the moment. He let go a full load, some down her throat and some in her mouth, and it was glaringly apparent that she loved it.

She finally released his cock and once again met his gaze as she licked the last few drops away from his leaking head. It was the most amazing moment of pleasure and pain he had ever experienced.

Without doubt, this was the beginning of the best sexual experience of his life, and he had complete faith in her when she promised so much more.

Since their first encounter, after having spent only a few hours with her, he knew he would never have sex with another woman. She was undeniably the best, far above any other lover he had been with, or even dreamed of, and the cherry on the sundae was the obvious fact that she loved what she did.

No, this, the experience she provided, was a true art form, and she was a master at it.

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