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The afterlife of online dating

Returning to the business after a hiatus always sparked inquiries from those around me. Often, I'd recount the tale that prompted my return—a venture into the world of online dating. It all began with a plunge into the realm of dating sites tailored for the over-50 crowd. The experience initially held promise as I perused profiles and embarked on several dates, one of which led to a promising second encounter.  The second date went better than the first, although still no sex.  It turns out my past sexual experience is intimidating to some gents.  I held out hope for the third date, as that’s usually the lucky number for most folks.

Invited to a barbecue at his country home in Stafford County, I felt a flutter of anticipation

mingled with flattery at the prospect of being showcased to his crew. The gent, who shall remain nameless, owned a paving and asphalt company and had made a point of inviting me to his home for a bbq and an evening riding ATVs.  The small get together centered around the typical Friday for him and his crew.  They would all gather at his gorgeous home, pick up their paychecks, and enjoy a beer or 12.  Donning my best jeans and boots, I set out for his estate, picturing an afternoon of camaraderie and adventure. However, as I rounded the driveway, my heart sank at the sight of a colossal Confederate flag unfurling proudly—a stark symbol of division and discord. Without a word, I veered away, leaving behind bewildered onlookers and unanswered calls

For the third date, the gentleman invited me out to his home in Stafford County, which is very country for those you are not from this area, for a barbecue. He made a point of inviting me on Friday evening when his crew, he was an asphalt he owned an asphalt company would be at his home collecting our paychecks and enjoying a Friday afternoon beer together. I thought sure why not? If he wants to show me off to his workers I'm really flattered. So I got all dolled up that day, put on , jeans and boots to fit with the setting of the party.  I made the 45 minute drive, and finally turned onto his street. He had a beautiful circular driveway and his house backed to a fabulous area perfect for riding ATVs.  Our plan was to have a drink or two, meet his friends, and then take a little ride on the four wheeler. Pulling  into the circular driveway, he noticed me and started walking up to where I would park my car. He looked behind him, and I can only imagine he was saying something to his friends along thelines of “ here she is” , because a few of them, beers in hand, made their way to where he was standing. As I veered around the corner of the circular driveway, a giant confederate flag appeared, waving, wildly on his countryside property. Oh no, no, no, I thought to myself this is not going to work. I made the effort to not meet his gaze as I stared straight ahead, driving right past him and his buddies and exiting the property. He tried calling me, but I ignored. Then he texted me telling me I was at the right place. My response to him was oh no no no I don't think I am!  Scary, especially in this day and age….but I do live in Virginia after all.  Although I am in the suburbs of DC, I am far enough out that another 20 miles lands one in what I’ll lovingly call redneck territory.   After receiving a scathing and lengthy text that served as an attempt to change my mind or accept his beliefs, he seemed to give up.  Phew!


Onto the next prospect, a widower whose sincerity and lack of sexual experience initially intrigued me.

 He had shared with me that his deceased wife had been a staunch Catholic woman, and I am the complete opposite, obviously, given my chosen occupation Lol. He was a great guy, we just were far too different from one another to entertain the idea of making it work long term.  So I decided it was time to break the news, gently, and let  him know I really didn't want to  continue with the relationship  he thought we were building. I swear he must've known what I was going to say because, as I prepared to let him down easy he reached across the table and grasped my hands, thanking me for bringing him out of such a dark place since the death of his wife. What could I do? I mean seriously what could I do? So I did what came naturally to me. I decided to fuck him. We went back to his house and enjoyed a  cocktail on his beautiful deck before making  our way upstairs. I came out of the restroom and he was literally lying on a towel that he placed on his blanket, hand, sanitizer, and wipes on the nightstand. His eyes were shut tight like a kid, trying not to peek at his present. I stood there  looking at his hard ont on and wondered if I wasI just supposed to hop on. So that's what I did lol . About two seconds later, he orgasmed. I didn't know what to say or how to react. There was no foreplay, nothing in this for me whatsoever. As I moved over to my side of the bed, he looked over shoulder, told me he loved me and then started snoring.  Honestly I sat there stunned, waiting to crawl away and sneak out. The only thought  going through my mind was the fact that  there was not even a  fucking envelope of money sitting on the night stand! What the fuck!  I couldn't ever get those three seconds of my life back. 

The encounter left me reeling, devoid of fulfillment or reciprocity. Amidst the aftermath, a stark realization dawned—I belonged elsewhere, in the embrace of my profession.

With renewed determination, I returned to my calling, leaving behind the tumultuous world of online dating. The allure of the business, with its familiar rhythms and uncompromising independence, beckoned me home. Forging ahead with newfound resolve, I embraced my vocation with renewed vigor, content in the knowledge that my true fulfillment lay not in the pursuit of love, but in the art of erotica, performed in one form or another.


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