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That hot woman from the 12th floor

As the elevator doors slid open, revealing the polished interior, he couldn't help but be captivated by the stunning auburn-haired beauty stepping in. Her hair gleamed like polished mahogany, and her lips, painted in a glossy sheen, seemed almost magnetic. The shine in her eyes hinted at an allure that was impossible to ignore. From his view, he was blown away by her looks, style, and overwhelming sex appeal.

Unable to resist, he found himself lingering in the lobby, caught between admiration and the fear of seeming like a stalker. Every moment became an opportunity to catch a glimpse of her, perhaps even share the elevator with her again. It was during that initial encounter that he first saw her, in the act of pulling up her thigh-high stockings adorned with red lace tops. The image lingered in his mind, becoming a recurring fantasy. Despite being older, she defied expectations, far from the woman one might encounter at his mother's book club.

She was his go to every morning and every night as he lay awake in bed, stroking his cock as he imagined how her perfect lips would look wrapped around his raging hard on. He pictured her running her tongue along the length of his shaft, heat radiating from her and driving him over the top.

He longed to inhale the essence of her pussy, to taste that sweet musky spot mere inches from the top of her sexy thigh highs. He imagined himself sliding a finger inside of her, her wetness leaking out as she told him to try two, and then three. Her moans would be over the top, of this he was sure, as she clung to him while exploding in orgasm.

As he navigated the professional setting, he couldn't shake the yearning to take their interactions beyond the casual exchanges. Each passing encounter fueled his determination, and a mantra echoed in his mind: "Some day," he reassured himself.

Watch the video, that of course leads to masturbation (you and me both)!

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