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Step Mother - The Forbidden Fruit

Brad watched as  his Step Mother, Tori, slowly made her way from her dressing room towards the four poster bed she shared with his father.

The beginning of the dance was almost as sweet as the ending, he thought, as he stood quietly behind the sheer curtains.  He knew her evening ritual, if you will, at least on the nights his father was out of town.

First, to wet the appetite, he would be afforded a glimpse of her magnificent shape in the mirror above her bed.

She would crawl, deliberately, as though towards him, and he swore he could feel the heat of her essence as she did.

Every detail was perfect, from the thigh high stockings,

to the flickering candles

She would apply her lotion, a fragrance that, combined with her natural essence, was animalistic

She would glance his way, then look down with an almost innocent expression,

Touching first her breasts,

Then, slowly moving downward to her thighs,

Trailing along at a torturing pace that was no less  than exquisite,

Stopping when she  reaches her sweet piece of heaven

She slips her fingers beneath the thin lace as he strokes harder….faster

Her moans of pleasure are what dreams are made of, quickly driving Brad over the edge

As though in sync with her young stepson, she cried out in pleasure.  He watched  as her body shook, biting her lower lip in an effort to stifle the sounds of pleasuring herself.

She laid there, legs and pussy spread wide, glistening with her cum, and licked her lips as though tasting the full load he just shot into his hand.

Tori satisfied him, even though only through masturbating, as no woman ever had.  He was sure she wanted him as well, perhaps as a big FU to Dad, but it was still a burning intense desire.

Soon, he thought as he zipped up, soon he would have her

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