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She works hard for the money!

A gentleman friend recently commented on how I'm becoming a media mogul lol!

What with this site, all the gorgeous ads I have, my Only Fans, and sexting with clients I suppose I am!

Wow, when I let my fingers type the words it occurs to me that I am a very driven and focused woman. Go me!

So I thought, ok, let's do more!!!

With that I'm pleased to announce I'll be doing a group sexting type of thing.

My idea is to open up my chat room, invite as many men and/or woman as I can to a scheduled "event", and let them be silent in the background while I sext away...telling you how I'm touching, tasting, playing with myself.

Suggesting that you take your cock in your hands, thinking of my mouth just waiting to take you in. To lick, suck and kiss until I'm driving you mad....and that's just for starters!

I can't send out emails every day as Gmail is giving me a hard time (no pun intended lol) about mass emails.

HMM, I guess I simply have too many fans!

So I'll be sharing my thoughts and pictures here on my Blog.

You can sign up for an invite to The Sexting Parlor" on my Sexting page

I'll be charging $25 to join the half hour, fun filled session with as many of us as possible ultimately reaching a common goal!!

You can make your payment via Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, a Vanilla Visa gift card, or through a tip on my OnlyFans page.

I'm super excited about my newest venture, and hope that you are as well!



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