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Aunt Tori

Tori got a high, a rush of feelings, both physical and emotional, to know this fine young man, as well as many others, desired her to the point of obsession.

She thought of them, hell had even put on a show for her nephew, and a friend (or 5) of his over the past few years, when she brought out the toys for fun time.  It was delectable to recall the way she had deliberately toyed with them over the years.

An innocent touch as her hand grazed that of the young man beside her,  bending over, knowingly providing a perfect view of her lush and ample cleavage, all of these actions  accomplished two things.  It got the young man hard, providing him with his material for the masturbation session that would follow the moment he was in private, and secondly, Tori’s sweet pussy got damp, allowing her to feel the lips of her fat cunt slide over her clit with every step she took.

He watched these images of her, the ones he secretly took with his cell while in her erotic presence, over and over as his thoughts, seemingly screaming in his head, told him to find the courage to act upon his taboo fantasies.  Those of fucking his Aunt....bending her over the chair in her photography studio and fucking her hard....dropping by, and using the key he had to gain access when he knew she was doing a photo shoot.  She was a lingerie model and he longed to catch her with the lights shining, fans blowing, and the scent of her being, mingled with the damp sweat of the shoot, captivating his body and soul.  To taste her essence would be heaven, he thought, then was quickly brought back to reality by the presence of his wife as she entered his home office.  He turned  off the monitor filled  with images of her on the desk in front of him and told his wife he'd be done in a minute as he willed his cock to stand down.

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