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Updated: Apr 17, 2023


Wanna here what I did today?


I spent some time with two gents filming porn

There were supposed to be three but one fella chickened out

No fucking way

` That sounds hot

One guy would film while the other got a bow job while simultaneously fucking my glorious tits

What kind of porn

Shit. Wow.

Good sloppy blow jobs

Pussy licking

Sucking and fucking my breasts, then exploding all over my hard nipples

I want you to imagine you are straddling me

I am

Playing with my breasts.

Mesmerized by how soft they are, how hey overflow in your hands

My nipples hard and erect

I’m squeezing them together, beckoning you to slide your cock in

I’m so ready for that

How hard do your nipples get

Very hard. Standing at attention, begging to be licked and sucked. Perhaps bitten I love the feel of your fingers pinching me

You slide your cock, which is now pulsating, throbbing as it neve has before, between the creamy white flesh of my tits

You like sloppy


I love that

I want to see just how wet your kisses are

Mmm, the feel of your tongue, dancing with mine


I could do that for an hour

Thinking about it gets me hard

You would have to pause, wanting, needing to savour the moment


You can’t believe how hot and wet it is between my breasts

The feel of my skin rubbing against your shaft is like liquid fire

Fuck, shit you’re sexy, i

Will you suck my cock and get it sloppy wet

Yes, of course. If you say please

The feel of my skin rubbing against your throbbing shaft is like silk engulfed in flames

As your cock slides through I lift my head and lick at your precum

I would ask you to raise up a bit and fuck my mouth

Yes goddess. Would you spit on my cock

You would know, from the feel and sense of urgency in the way I work your cock, that I could suck you dry.

You pull out of my mouth and I spit on the head

Fuck now you’re talking

Watching as your spit drips off the head of my cock

Damn, baby

You would grab your rock hard rod and slap it against my wet mouth, teasing me with the head as you rub it over my gorgeous, wet lips, full and plump from sucking you

Fuck you know I would

You’d be amazed at how deep into my throat I could take you

The sloppy wet sound would make your balls ache

I bet you would take my whole cock

The thought of it is already making my balls ache

You would pull out just long enough to let me spit on the head while I grabbed your ass and pulled you into the depths of my throat

You would grab my hair, by now damp and falling over my face, brushing it back, committing every moment, every nuance to memory..wanting to see the look in my eyes as you pounded into my wet mouth

Hell yeah. Suck my cock wench

And I would love it, longing to give you the most exquisite sexual experience of your life

Showing no mercy, you would find delight in the sound of me gagging as your cock disappeared into my mouth

My pussy would be so wet, I would beg you to fuck me when you pulled out of my mouth

Yeah that’s what I want

I want to eat your pussy, your ass

You would make me beg for it, yanking my head back as you pulled my hair

Yeah that’s it

You would instruct me to turn over and get on all fours

I would do so with eager anticipation.

You would tell me to spread my sweet ass cheeks and I would happily oblige.

My moans of sheer pleasure as you licked my ass would almost drive you over the edge

Oh shit yes it would

You would wet one finger and slide it into my pink hole

Yes maybe two

Yes…you would make me beg for you to put two fingers in…and then three

I’d beg you for more

Yes please

I would get a thrill as you dripped oil over my ass

Ordering me to spread my cheeks further, wider as you shoved four fingers in, pounding me with them

Please let me do that

I’d tell you what a good bitch you are

You would slap my butt….hard….leaving a red hand print as you grabbed my dildo.

You would slide it easily into my dripping wet pussy, fucking me hard with it, moving in rhythm with your fingers still ramming in and out of my ass

Yes tell me more

Slapping me ass over and over again, making me tell you who is in charge

Fuck I like it

I would love it when you spit on my ass, allowing your four fingers to slide in and out more easily

Oh shit.

I needed that

Did you cum babe?


All over my pretty pink ass hole, right where I want it.


I want to cum again

You know what I want

Then picture yourself slapping your cock against my wet, cum covered ass

I am

Would love to blow my load in your mouth then have you share it with me

The dildo still in my pussy, rubbing the head of your cock against me

I would love that, but first you would make me beg you to fuck me in the ass


It would drive you insane with desire, knowing how badly I wanted it

I’d say get on all fours and spread your ass for me

I’m playing with my clit right now

Rubbing a dildo against my ass waiting for you to tell me to put it in

I want to watch you playing with your clit

Stick it in there bitch

You’re in charge now

You own this hot pussy, this tight ass

You’re my bitch now, aren’t you?

I start to beg you to go slowly and gently. I cry out as you take control and shove it in as far as you can

You know you like it this way

You’re driving me crazy

I start to crawl away, loving yet hating the sweet combination of painful pleasure, but you grab me by the hair. As you say “take it bitch” I tell you I’m close to cumming.

You drive into me as I’ve never been pounded before telling me I’m getting what I deserve

Holy fuck…yes

Suddenly you pull the dildo out. I feel a sense of relief, and begin to relax my body. And then, suddenly, wanting yet not wanting to hurt me, needing to show me who’s in charge you shove your steel rod into me

Jesus you're nasty

You know it!

You grab me by the shoulders, holding me in place as you’re driving in and out of me with an intense force and desire.

I beg you to go harder



I feel you spit on my hole, making me tell you what a nasty bitch I can be

You slowly pull your cock out, only to shove it in again with all your strength. The feel of your thick, pulsating head driving ito me and then pulling out before going deeper and harder is maddening

That is unreal

I want your full load in my ass, and you want to hear me telling you that. Begging you

Yes please

I’d be begging you to explode inside of me so I could feel it dripping back out and running down my thighs.

God that’s hot

You’re ramming into me with such force….amazed that I could not only take it but that I’m actually pleading with you to give me more

Your fingers would be working their magic on my clit

You’re unbelievable

You would bring me to the edge and then make me beg you to allow me to cum.

You would be shocked that , after collapsing onto the bed, gaping for breath,I would look up at you and ask you to start all over again. To see me who’s in charge the next go around

I would love that

You would grab my anal beads off the nightstand and insert them slowly, drinking up the moans of pure pleasure escaping my luscious lips as you did so.

You would slide four fingers into my pussy so you could feel the beads as they entered my butt

I’m about to cum so hard

My legs are shaking, my clit swollen and throbbing

I’m begging you to let me cum now

Me too

You have kept me on the edge for an hour

Please let me cum

Cum with me

I’m cumming hard for you

My entire body is spasming as I linger on the edge, waiting for you to let me orgasm

We both explode into a haze of exploding stars and cries of pleasure

Wow you’re amazing

And drained!!

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