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Sexting With Benjamin

I’m touching myself…

Are you doing the same?

Yes, so when we meet up I want to do an aunt roleplay. Maybe you catching me jerking

off and I want you to be aggressive and talk dirty talk

I love that scenario

Perhaps I catch you with my panties

Yes or maybe you're in the shower and catch me taking a peek. I want to have some dfk

I think I'll be in the bath....

sipping a cocktail (Baileys of course)

I see you peeking through the door

I call out your name.

should you come in, or sneak away? Making that decision is driving you mad

You come in, head hung down

trying to hide my panties that you cannot seem to let go of behind your back

Sounds good I think I'm in trouble but I find out I'm wrong. I want aunt to seduce me and

be very dirty,

I like that

I call you over.

Is the look on my face anger?


sexual prowess?

I hand you the cloth and tell you to wash my back

You obey, but let the cloth fall away....

You want your soapy hands sliding over my velvety skin

I think all you can see my dick is hard

The steam is rising

as is your temperature

You lean into me, wanting to inhale my essence

I say I'm sorry aunt Tori

I tell you that I may need to punish you

The way naughty aunts punish dirty boys

I say fuck aunt Tori can I be honest I jerk off to you all the time

I say ok

Yes Auntie

But it has to be our secret

I tell you to get a towel to dry me off.

You almost lose your load seeing the direction this is taking

Okay auntie, I want auntie to sit on my cock and in my mouth

Sounds so fuckign good

Oh you are going to taste me

You'll be fucking my tight wet pussy with your tongue if i tell you to do so

Or my sweet ass

Or both

I want to do stuff I have never done

Fuck yes please. I want you to make me into a fucking deviant lol

You follow me to the bed

Tell auntie what my bad boy wants to do

I want to eat you and lick your ass

Of course you do...

I'll spread my cheeks apart and tell you to really get your tongue in there

Are you stroking your cock for Aunt Tori right now?

Yes it feels so good

I want to stroke in front of you while you talk dirty to me

Do you have a lot of precum?

Auntie loves precum. On the tip of my tongue

sliding over my erect nipples

would love that.

I'd put you in your place and call you out for the pervert you are.

perhaps by listing the things I know you have fantasized about

Fuck yes

And then having you put that list in I can make you work your way throygh it.

I want to fuck your titties


OMG yes please

I love the feel of a hard cock between my tits.

I'll make you oil them up first

love the skin to skin contact.

That slapping, sloppy, juicy wet cunt sound

Fuck that sounds so good

Let's see if you make me cum first (the first of many I hope)

Then we can discuss you ticking off every last thing on your list

Please teach me to be even nastier

OK sounds good

I'm going to sit on your face.

Not gently hover above it, but sit on it as I spread the lips of my pussy

For starters

I'll make you worship the breasts you so desperately want to fuck

Yes please do I want to taste you cumming on my face

I want that so bad

Are you imagining your cock between my glorious tits?

Fucking my mouth?

In and out, a wet sloppy blow job

My mouth is watering for that young cock

I need your mouth on my cock so bad

I'm sliding my fingers into my moist pussy

I want to kiss you, deeply, after I cum on your face

Yes I want that

Fuck I am starving for you

That's my good booy!

Aunt Tori is going to spoil you for any other woman.

You know that right?

You already obsess over your passion for me.

How do you think you're gonna feel once you tasted, touched, sucked and fucked me?

Yes I doI want you to cum for me now

And send me a pic or video

This is our dirty little secret right?

Are you cumming for me?

Damn I came just before your email, it is going to be so good. Yes this is our


That's my good boy

Now go clean yourself up!


OMG thank you Aunt Tori

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