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Sex in the Rain

They were driving back from the strip club, the rain steadily pounding against the windows of the rental car. Lightning was flashing in an ominous sky accompanied by the rumbling feel and roar of the thunder.

He was watching the road intently, negotiating his way through the dark streets. She looked at him and smiled.

“What?” he asked.

“You are so focused on your driving you haven’t even noticed what I’ve been doing.

He glanced at her briefly, a puzzled look on his face.

Sporting a grin meant to tempt and tantalize, she brought her fingers to his mouth.

“Taste me”, she whispered to him.

He gladly obliged, already beginning to ache for the taste and feel of her.

He could smell her sweet essence as she brought her fingers to his waiting lips.

He licked at the tip, lightly, inhaling her fragrance, before she slid her fingers into his mouth and he sucked the juice from them.

“Couldn’t wait for me?” he stopped to say. “How did I miss you fingering yourself right next to me?”

She silenced him by putting a finger back into his mouth and leaning across the seat to kiss him, both of them tasting her sweet nectar.

The hotel was only a few miles away but suddenly every mile seemed an eternity.

She locked eyes with him, and slid her hand under her skirt once more.

She positioned herself so she was leaning against the car door, obviously to give him a better view.

“Keep your eyes on the road babe,” she said in a teasing tone as her fingers disappeared into her pussy.

He was suddenly very uncomfortable, his member straining to be free.

She expertly played her clit with two fingers, her other hand spreading her luscious lips apart to allow him to see her wetness, glistening in the lights of the car.

He could feel the warmth of his precum starting to seep into the fabric of his pants.

She brought herself to orgasm, looking deep into his eyes, shaking and crying out in the silence of the night.

She squirmed in the seat, straightening her skirt, still quivering lightly.

They pulled into the lights of the parking lot, and when he glanced over he could see the shiny wetness on her upper thighs.

He parked, and immediately leaned forward for a kiss.

The hotel was located in what resembled an empty warehouse district, and there was no one around.

He knew about her fantasy of making love in the rain, and, as if reading his mind she said “you know how much I love the rain right?”

He laughed aloud, although he was tempted to take her in the car as his mind could focus on nothing more than his aching desire for her.

But she wanted to be outdoors, the cool rain lightly caressing the warmth of a lover’s embrace.

He was yearning to satisfy every one of her fantasies, but the fact was the rain was cold, and cold is not conducive to a man maintaining an erection.

They made their way inside, shaking off the chill as they entered the welcoming lobby.

A fireplace was crackling in the corner and they both thought how incredible it would be to undress and make love, while drying off, on the soft rug.

But, considering this was a public place, they opted for the privacy of their room.

They waited patiently for the elevator, with her leaning back into him so she could feel his hardness against her.

She smelled delicious, he thought to himself as he bent to kiss the back of her neck, knowing it was a spot that drove her mad.

Their hands and mouths began to wander before the elevator doors closed. He pushed her back against the wall and slid his hand under her skirt to find her pussy still hot and wet.

She grabbed his hand and led it to her cunt, wanting him to feel how damp she was for him.

The elevator dinged as they arrived on their floor. The doors opened and they exited, practically running to their room.

Once inside they began to shed clothes, stumbling and tripping over each other as they continued their kissing and exploring.

When they were free from their clothes, he surprised her by taking her hand and leading her to the window as opposed to the bed.

The hotel was old and, fortunately for his plan, they slid open easily.

“Turn around” he said to her.

She did as he asked, still wondering what he was doing.

He came up behind her and began stimulating her with his fingers, sliding them in slowly before increasing his pace and force, ramming them as deep as he could.

The sound of her wetness was an incredible turn on for both of them. She seemed to always be wet and ready when in his company.

He pushed her forward lightly, her upper torso now in the cool rain.

As she leaned out the window, the water streaming down her back and onto her breasts, he went to his knees.

He parted her sweet tight ass with his hands and began to lick at her pink hole. She moaned aloud at the sheer pleasure of it. He spread her cheeks farther so he was able to dart his tongue inside her, driving her insane with the intense pleasure.

He licked and sucked as her legs grew weaker. The pleasure was astonishing and fervid. When she got to the point where she could take no more, she begged him to fuck her.

He readily obliged her wishes and stood up behind her. Her skin was damp from the rain, steam seeming to rise from her.

He easily slid his rod into her welcoming flower, slowly slipping the head of his cock in and out of her.

He reached for her shoulders and slammed into her with a force that almost knocked her off her feet.

He began fucking her as she pushed back onto him, their bodies easily finding a beautiful rhythm together.

The feeling was incredibly stimulating. The heat of her body against his, the warm sweat mingling with the raindrops sliding down her back was intoxicating. The cool air filled their lungs as their breathing became rapid.

She braced herself against the opening, pushing back into him as she felt his fingers digging into her hips.

“Is this what you had in mind?” he asked, each thrust seeming to be accompanied by the clapping of thunder.

She was unable to catch her breath long enough to answer him. The sky was lighting up for her, as though performing its own private show to the rhythm of their fucking.

He thrust deeper and harder into her that night than ever before. Her cunt seemed to be opening up to him.

He reached forward and grabbed her hair as he began to shake.

They came together, their bodies shaking and convulsing as he filled her.

She had to grab the frame of the window to steady herself as he pulled out, his cum now flowing freely down her legs.

As she was standing there, catching her breath, he came up behind her, pulling her inside and into a waiting blanket he had retrieved from the bed.

He wrapped them in it together, a lover’s cocoon, as he held her tight against his skin, wet from perspiration and the rain now dripping from her. He kissed her for what seemed an eternity.

They both knew, in that kiss, that this was an experience they would always remember, and always treasure.

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