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Rainy Days

He returned from a long day of flights and meetings. He was exhausted, yet still she haunted his thoughts. What was it about this woman? He hungered for her, a primal hunger that stirred deep inside him. Even after spending time with her, after exhausting both himself and her, he immediately wanted more. Needing to cleanse the day from his skin, and her from his thoughts, he stepped into a hot shower.

He poured shampoo into his hand and almost laughed aloud when he realized it smelled like her hair. He immediately became hard, the feel of the hot shower beating against his skin. Bringing to mind her love of the rain. He raised his face to the water and closed his eyes. He swore he could feel her step into the shower behind him. He knew it was just a fantasy, but he kept his eyes closed, willing her to him. He wanted….needed…to feel her hands on his skin. Wet with soap, her body lightly brushing against his.

He could feel her full breasts pressing into his back as her hands slowly ran up his chest. Her nails trailed lightly along his skin, driving him insane. Her hands, with that magic touch, slowly moved lower. He groaned aloud, the desire and lust for this woman in his voice. He could picture himself turning towards her. He would take her slowly into his arms, kisses slow and gentle at first. Then insistent…urgent. He thinks he has got to take her to the bed now, but she is suddenly on her knees before him.

The feel of her hot tongue working its way around his bulging manhood as he drives into her mouth is almost too much.

She takes him into her mouth slowly, staring up at him. She licks the head, circling with her tongue, tasting the hot water mixed with his pre-cum. She loves the way his cock, rock hard for her, pulsates and bulges at her touch. As if ready to explode. She feels his hands come to the back of her head. She knows, as does he, that he is the man here. As much as she relishes and longs for his slow, deep, passionate kisses, she also longs for the moments when he takes her with such force that all she can do is surrender to his raw desires. And, as such, her own. He drives his cock deep into her throat, fucking her mouth. The feel of her hot tongue working its way around his bulging manhood as he drives into her mouth is almost too much. He stops and pulls her up, carrying her, soaking wet, to the bed. He wants this woman sitting on his face, grinding her wet pussy into his mouth. She wants to feel his tongue deep inside her, finding her sweet spot and driving her to moments of frenzy she hasn’t experienced before. Suddenly there’s a buzzing noise….fucking alarm. It was just a dream………

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