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Naughty Aunt Tori

Naughty Aunt Tori

Once again, she looked beautiful. Her auburn hair glimmered beneath the dim lighting of the crystal chandelier. Her lips, always appearing swollen and full as though just being kissed, were soft and plump as her tongue moved over them.

She was dressed in a casual outfit, jeans, boots and a pale colored sweater, which clung to her perfectly, accentuating her sweet curves and cleavage without looking risque. The truth was it didn't matter what she wore, Aunt Tori had an air of seduction about her, as though her sole purpose in life was to captivate every man who fell into her web. She was sexy beyond words, and it wasn’t just her looks, it was the electrically charged air about her. One couldn’t help but to feel alive when in her presence.

This evening was a family celebratory dinner, and David , her 25 year old nephew, had arrived early, wanting to experience her entry into the room. He was family, but so was every male in their household, as well as a few of the women, all of whom seemed to come alive in her presence.

They made their way through the small talk during dinner, and David did his best to not drool over her as she rose from her seat to grab another bottle of her favorite pinot noir. She asked if she could top off any one else’s glass and he immediately downed the expensive red wine in his crystal glass and tried to still his beating heart as she leaned over him to pour.. He inhaled her fragrance, not just that of her perfume but of the undeniable pheromones emitting from this stunning creature.

When dinner ended everyone decided to move the festivities to the deck. The weather was perfect, slightly cool with a lovely autumn breeze rippling through the curtains, and someone suggested building a fire in the oversized fire pit outside.

David excused himself to the restroom and watched with the eagerness of a teenage boy, smiling as Aunt Tori passed him on the way upstairs to grab a blanket and make a quick call.

David never knew if the smiles they exchanged were meant to be flirtatious or if he was reading something into her actions, hoping she desired him as much as he did her.

After using the facilities the young man exited the powder room located in a secluded corner of the main level. He looked both ways, as he had done so many times before, as he headed towards the staircase that led to Aunt Tori’s suite.

As it had been so many times before, her door was left slightly ajar. She had once told the family that she had a fear of being in a totally enclosed space, thus her need for never completely shutting the door of her room.

He took his place behind the wall peeking through the open crack.

As always, Aunt Tori moved to her bed which faced the door. She seemed to be looking at him, but perhaps that was just what he needed to believe to fulfill the fantasy.

She began to caress her beasts, lightly squeezing and taking them fully into her hands. He caught his breath as she started pinching her nipples, gasping aloud at the pleasure she was giving herself.

David was rubbing himself through his pants, his cock visibly throbbing, precum seeping through the fabric. At this point he was so lost in the visual beauty of the moment that he would never have heard someone coming up behind him. He often wondered if the thrill of getting caught was a turn on in and of itself, caught by his sexy Aunt, or another family member. It all added the nervous stimulation to complete the package of his lustfulness for his Aunt, his own flesh and blood.

Tori swung her long slender legs onto the bed. Her pants were unzipped, and she moved her hips in a seductive manner as she pulled them down and tossed them aside. She moved her fingers, long black nails catching the lighting in the room, and caressed her pussy through the silk fabric of her panties.

David wished he could be closer, to see if her cunt was getting wet and staining the silk of her thong. He longed to inhale the scent of her, imagining the sweet musky essence she emitted.

Slowly she pulled the thong to the side, spreading her lips for him to see her swollen puss. She moved her fingers to her lips and wet them, then began playing with her clit, her fingers moving expertly as she began to moan.

He watched, willing her to put her fingers inside, one, then two, maybe even three tonight. As though performing just for him, and he always wished this was what was happening, she slipped two fingers inside slowly, but deeply. He watched as she bit her lips to stifle her cries.

His hand moved over his cock, which he had released from his pants, and began to stroke in rhythm with his Aunt’s play. “Come on baby”, he tried stifling the words but he had lost all control as he did every time they played this game. It was as though he were willing her to cum with him, not wanting to erupt before she did.

She removed her fingers from her twat, bringing them beneath her nose and inhaling as she moaned aloud. Looking in his direction she placed them in her mouth, her tongue swirling around each finger lapping up her own essence.

“Here we go” he could have sworn he heard her say. She took three fingers, holding them up for him to see, and began ramming them in and out of her tight honey hole. She tried to stifle her cries, seemingly about to have her sweet release when she shocked him by spreading her legs apart, her sweet ass cheeks fully on display as were the anal beads. She must have put those in when he looked down to unzip his pants. Her fingers returned to her twat, ramming in and out in a frenzied motion. When she seemed about to lose control she reached under the pillow, pulling out what he recognized as her favorite dildo. She slid it back and forth over her cunt, stimulating her clit and causing her legs to shake. As he caught his breath, legs trembling and barely holding him up, she easily slid the dildo deep into her dripping hole. She started pulling it out, only to shove it in deeper. He swore he could hear how wet she was as he placed a hand against the wall to steady himself. She finally let go, cumming hard and loud. He could tell by the shaking overtaking her entire body that she was in the heights of her passion. He had never seen her cum this hard, yet he was still stroking, not wanting her to move from her wet spot on the bed until he reached climax. Then, once again seeming to peer through the poorly lit room directly at him hidden behind the door she let out a raspy, sexy chuckle as she once again spread her legs, pulling the anal beads out slowly and deliberately. He imagined being the one to pull them out and that was all it took. He had to place a hand over his mouth as his load shot all over the back of the door, through the crack and into her room. She had to have seen that, he thought as he caught his breath and hurriedly zipped his pants, darting off down the hall before he heard his mother calling both their names.

Close call…..which meant the dangers, and thereby pleasure, would be even more intense the next time.

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