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My oh my, what could that be dripping out of my pretty mouth?

Her bj was what dreams were made, what men longed for, many even waiting a lifetime for, and here he was, looking down as her long black nails wrapped around his thighs, pulling him deeper into her mouth, wanting to explode but needing to make it last.

As if on que, she slowed her pace, seeming to savor his nervous excitement. Her tongue was somehow swirling around every inch of his dick , working magic that was beyond his wildest dreams.

He reached down, grabbing her head in his hands, somehow managing to mumble out the words that he couldn't hold on any longer.

But, rather than release his rod from the warm, wet place that was her mouth, she pulled him in, deeper and deeper until he could feel the tightness of her throat seeming to milk his cum from his throbbing head.

His load was huge, his legs shaking as he reached over to grasp the edge of the table in a feeble attempt to steady himself.

His cries were loud, passion filled, as though years of pent up frustration were escaping. He shook his head to regain his senses, as though reassuring himself this was no dream, it was really happening, to him, with her, his dream girl.

He pulled out of her sweet mouth, slowly letting the head pass over her plump and swollen lips, and looked down the the auburn haired beauty in front of him.

Her eyes were so dark brown they were ebony, filled with a twinkly, barely disguised mischievous spark as they locked with his, allowing the last bit to run back out, thick and creamy white as it spilled over her pretty hands.


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