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My First Girl on Girl Experience

Tori walked nervously about the room, checking and rechecking her makeup, touching up her lipstick and short stylish red hair. She repeatedly adjusted her thigh high stockings, checking that her garters were securely fastened.

She glanced in the mirror, hiked up the cleavage of her gorgeous natural DDs, and realized she had the look of a sultry seductress. It was a look she wore well and one that came naturally to her. Her eyes, deep set and dark brown, were sparkling, somehow capturing the level of arousal she was currently feeling.

She was a bundle of nervous energy and excitement. After all, today would be the first of numerous sexual fantasies she would fulfill in the coming months. This one was a desire she had hid for years, and tonight was the night to see if reality was better than fantasy. This evening would be Tori’s first time with a girl.

Kitty, a sister in the business, had a few favorite clients and this particular one had requested this afternoon’s rendezvous. Although he was crazy about Kitty and several of the women, he had recently met through what quickly was quickly becoming known as “the hobby”, somehow, he had never had the pleasure of meeting Tori.

He had, however, pictured her in numerous fantasies after reading her reviews. One review after another plastered the Bigdoggie Escort message board praising Tori’s exceptional skills in the bedroom. His curiosity over her was, by now, driving him insane.

Kitty had met her a few times at the different functions hosted by the busty redhead. She found Tori incredibly attractive, in both body and spirit. She had often thought of taking one of Tori's hard, ripe nipples into her mouth before turning her attention to that wet spot below.

So when Kevin, her client, had suggested a threesome with Tori she jumped at the chance.

After all she was not only going to be able to finally have a taste of this woman so many men had raved about, but she was going to get paid for it! At that moment, both women shared similar thoughts bringing a devilish grin to their respective faces. Having a more than fulfilling sex life while building up the zeros on their bank accounts brought both women immense pleasure.

Tori checked her phone to be sure it was fully charged. It was 5 minutes until 2. If she knew one thing about Kitty it was that she was always punctual. She had witnessed Kitty, another sexy redhead, this one with an incredibly enticing southern drawl, chastise a client over being tardy, claiming she despised that character trait.

The minutes seemed to drag by like hours as Tori tried not to touch herself. She was aching to slide her fingers into her already hot and wet pussy, working her magic on both her g spot and clit. Somehow she resisted the temptation, wanting to be ripe and ready for the feel of this new man's cock inside of her. She wanted to have that sense of urgency as Kitty would undoubtedly spread her legs to have a taste. Kitty had expressed her intentions in an email to Tori and had left both women fantasizing until today.

Suddenly her phone rang and brought her back to reality. She smiled to herself at that. After all, her reality was what most people's dreams were made of.

She answered the phone with a raspy and incredibly sexy voice. “Hey Kitty! Are you guys here?”

“We sure are sweetie” Kitty replied. “Are you ready?”

“Of course! I think so,” Tori quickly replied, feeling herself blush at the loaded question. . “And hurry! I can’t wait another minute”!

She gave Kitty the room number and hurried to the bathroom for one more check of her makeup. She applied a soft rose lip gloss to her pouting wet lips.

“Perfect!” she said aloud.

She went to the door and propped it open then retrieved three wine glasses and a bottle of her favorite Pinot Noir from the kitchen.

Turning off a few lights and drawing the curtains created the atmosphere she was seeking. The inviting warmth of the numerous candles began to overtake the room, creating an environment that lent itself to fulfilling erotic fantasies such as the one at hand. Everything was just right, perfect she would later recall. Tori wanted this experience to be everything she had ever envisioned, right down to the vanilla scent of the candles. After all, she knew that following what was sure to be a mind-blowing experience she would write about it, remembering every detail to capture in the magic of her words.

She heard the door begin to open and felt a wave of nervous energy sweep over her. It was not a familiar feeling as Tori was comfortable in any situation and she was a truly outgoing person.

Kitty stepped inside followed by an older, distinguished looking gentleman. She hurried toward Tori and the two women exchanged a warm embrace.

The friendship between the two women had been instant. They shared a bond that other women could never understand. After all, it wasn’t as though Tori’s next door neighbor or even her closest friend was someone she could talk to about the business.

She was rather certain her secret had to be held tight, even though she had quickly realized it was a part of her being. She was who she was and, although she felt no shame, she held no doubt that others would frown upon her life choice. She could just imagine the ruckus of the gossip mill churning its way through her upscale neighborhood. No, this was a part of her life best kept a secret.

Kitty was making the introductions, Tori, meet Kevin. Kevin, meet Tori. Brief pleasantries, not too terribly different from those extended at any other social interaction, were exchanged.

Kevin extended a hand to the stunning redhead. Instead of taking it and shaking it, she held it warmly in her hands as she leaned in to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He leaned into her then and she could feel his male hardness. “This is going to be fun” he said in a husky voice, already dripping with desire.

“Do you mind if I get this party started?” he asked?

“Not at all”, replied Tori.

Kitty came up behind her and started kissing Tori’s neck. She felt her body respond instantly, coming alive. Tori was still a tad nervous but that only added to the excitement of the moment.

She felt her own wetness start to seep out of the deep walls within her pussy, and knew it wouldn’t take long for it to be seeping out and running down her soft thighs.

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