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Message to Brad

My dear Step Son,

I think it’s time we point out the obvious and bring to light the fact that there is a level of sexual energy and animalistic desire that has been building between us for years.

I know you’ve watched me.  Even if I couldn’t see you I could sense your presence.  That’s the level of magnetic pull I believe we share.

I know you’re young, but please accept my wisdom when I tell you this level of mad desire doesn’t come along as often as one would wish.

That said, I’ve been taking naughty videos of myself for your viewing pleasure.  I think you’ll enjoy every delectable moment, knowing you, and not dear old dad, is the one I’m thinking of.

I trust you will keep this as our dirty little secret.  This definitely shifts the relationship into a level of taboo that fantasies are made of.

So, are you along for what is sure to be a wild and dangerous liaison?  One that will haunt your dreams and memories throughout the rest of your life?  Can you handle it? Me?

Kisses from Mom,


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