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Me, Kitty, and the Young Fella in Reston

Per a certain someone's request, here’s a story about me and a fellow who was more than 15 years my junior.

I was close to 40 when this adventure played out, and he was likely in his 20s.

Oh, yea, and my girlfriend was the same age as me! She definitely factors into the story!

Ok, so there was this (other) smoking hot, large breasted redhead girl in the business who went by the name of Kitty.

When we were both fairly high profile, cream of the crop escorts, we found ourselves questioning our sex appeal and if it was all it was made out to be in our numerous reviews.

You have to realize tooting your own horn in online ads, then soaking up the plethora of compliments from your male “suitors” is not the norm.

Reading, often twice a day, how you were the best sensual and sexual experience of a gent’s life will obviously skew one’s outlook and self image.

So, being the inquisitive type, I suggested we head out to see how easy it was to pick up a random, good looking gent at a bar.

After a few beers and some good weed, we decided the setting was perfect and our surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for our adventure..

We got dolled up, sexy stockings, the whole nine yards, left our luxurious hotel suite and headed to Clydes (both in Reston) in search of our prey.

Almost immediately upon entering, we were provided with a menu, if you will, for our test subject as every male head at the bar turned.

The patrons, men and women alike, watched as the two of us moved confidently into the packed restaurant.

We spotted a younger gent at the bar with an impressive bulge in his jeans and sauntered over to insert ourselves into his space. It only took one quickly exchanged look between myself and Kitty to nod and decide, without doubt, he was the one.

We said our brief hellos, and I got a rush as he did nothing to disguise the hunger in him.

His eyes wandered, unabashedly, from Kitty’s cleavage to mine.

I leaned in to give the bartender our drink orders and heard him moan as one of my bresats lightly caressed his arm.

Once the cocktails were in our hands I suggested a toast. As our glasses clinked I whispered in his ear “Are you interested in having a threesome with my friend and I?”

Glancing down I couldn’t help but notice the hard on he was beginning to sport, and quite obviously I took that as a yes.

As eager as he was, it still took a bit of convincing to assure him that we were being sincere, and that he was not being pranked by his buddies.

As I downed the rest of my drink I removed a hotel key from my purse, slid it into his waiting hand, and told him to give us a 5 minute head start and then to make his way to our suite at the hotel.

Hand in hand Kitty and I left the bard, looking back over our shoulders and blowing him a kiss as we reached the door.

The entire scenario that we were living and breathing overcame Kitty and I. It was crazy that this was the life we were living, contant sex with different partners, yet we were both more than surprised at what a turn on it had been inviting this stranger to our room.

With those thoughts in mind , the action between myself and my sexy female counterpart began in the elevator.

She pinned me against the back wall, began lightly licking at my lips, and slid her hand up my skirt.

She moaned in my ear as she noticed that I had no panties on, and her fingers quickly began to work their magic. The feel of her warm hand beginning to rub my clit was making me wet, and she commented on how much she loved it.

The elevator chimed, indicating the doors were preparing to open. We separated, going back to holding hands as we stepped out onto our floor.

Our room, at the end of the hall, provided us with ample time to continue our petting and teasing.

The idea of someone opening their room door and finding two hot women all but fucking in the hall was wildly stimulating.

In what seemed an instant yet an eternity we arrived at the door, swiping the key and falling into the room together, lost in what was now delightfully passionate kissing.

We began peeling our clothes off, leaving a trail of sexy lingerie in a path to the bed.

Kitty quickly made her way to my breasts, finding my nipples hard and waiting for her touch.

Her tongue began to lightly tease as I lifted my breast, feeding them to her as I we both watched.

Her soft, plump pink lips lightly biting my perfect pink nipple was an image to behold.

Her kisses turned into light biting, causing me to moan in an animal like sound, losing myself in the absolute pleasure of the moment..

Looking up into my eyes, Kitty began trailing her tongue, her beautiful lips down my flat belly.

Lying back, I opened my legs wide and reached down to spread my pussy lips apart, giving her better access to my throbbing clit.

As she began to lightly flick her tongue over my clit, so soft the feeling was barely perceptible, I heard the door open.

To this day I can still picture the 20 something gent from the bar, standing in the doorway, mouth hanging wide open.

“Shit, this is for real,” he muttered over and again.

Kitty and I pulled away from each other, long enough to tell him to get naked and to join us.

I have never seen a man jump out of his clothes the way he did.

On wobbly legs he made his way towards the bed and the two of us.

Kitty and I seemed to be thinking with one mind as we both moved to the edge, and while he was still standing, began licking and sucking at his cock, his balls.

In no time hands were wandering, touching each other, one another.

Mouths and lips had turned to liquid fire as we tasted, sucked and licked at one another.

It was as though the three of us had become one and our hunger for each other became all consuming.

The guy, whose name I never got, (it kinda makes it hotter right) climbed into the bed with us.

Kitty guided him to straddle me while she poured oil over my breasts.

The poor fellow was new to all of this, his sex life thus far leaving plenty to be desired.

Kitty helped him into place, and then she brought her delicious mouth to my breasts once again.

As I encouraged him to let loose and fuck the heaven that is my cleavage, Kitty began moving her mouth from my breast to the head of his cock.

At some point he slowed himself, not wanting yet aching to relieve himself onto the gorgeous image he was looking down at.

My insatiable friend and I were kissing, while both played with one of my nipples.

Not wanting to leave what’s his name unattended, I pulled myself into a seated position and took his throbbing cock into my hands.

Kitty quickly joined me and we began a rhythm of stroking, raking his balls, and sucking his cock, alone and together.

This set junior over the edge, and there was no return.

He all but screamed aloud as he shot his load all over the breasts of both Kitty and I.

He had never experienced the intensity he was feeling at the moment, his body and mind overcome with the mixed feelings of both pleasure and pain.

After what seemed an eternity, he caught his breath and opened his eyes, only to have his cock grow rock hard again.

Kitty was licking his load off of my breasts, as he held her hair and guided her.

What an incredibly satisfying, downright messy and memorable evening that was for all of us!

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