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Live Sexting Session

Wednesday September 13 @ 8:00pm

After a few requests, I've decided to host a (one sided) live sexting session!

I'll do the talking, or typing, driving you mad as I share the intoxicating effect of my words, describing what I'm doing to myself and what I suggest you do!

I'll be sure to take live pics to send as well.

You will need to download the "Spaces by Wix" app (no charge) and RSVP on my "Sexting Parlor" page.

The first session will be complimentary and I would love for you to join me!

How hot will this speaking to numerous folks at one time....perhaps about my soft, huge natural DDDs and how I'm touching them, pinching my erect nipples....and so much more!

If you have any requests, desires, and/or fetishes you'd like me to consider as a topic I'd love to hear from you!

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