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Just when I thought I'd seen (or is that done) it all!

So I'm having a great time over at

I've been chatting it up with some really cool gents, and have been doing pics and videos!

It's all somewhat surreal!

When I ran my service 20 years ago, I never even posted a body pic online. My thing was, if you arrived and I wasn't "as advertised", turn and walk away, no questions asked.

Of course no one ever left silly!

Anyway, I digress! Here I am all these years later putting pictures of my face as well as clips of sex videos I've been making with some more than eager partners!

Wow, what a month I'm having, right?

Oh, and I have basically turned "The Apartment" into a photo studio with a boudoir theme. When I walk through the door I instantly transform into Tori, leaving my real self, or at least part of my persona shall we say, at the door.

And lastly, to satisfy the request of more than one gent, I encourage the fellas (for a nominal tip) to send pics or videos of their manhood!

In return, I write a paragraph or two giving my summary, or review if you will,, of what appears before me and how I would put it to good use!

As I said, somewhat surreal!

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