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Interview Process for the Ladies

Tori occupied the end of the bar, her friend Mr. M a few stools away. The two didn't present themselves as a couple intentionally, concealing their connection as they awaited the arrival of a prospective female model coming in for an interview at Tori's Secret. Mr. M's initial responsibility was to assess the model solely based on her appearance. After delivering the thumbs up or down, Tori would initiate a conversation with the new girl, discussing various topics while discreetly avoiding the real reason for her meeting with the notorious Lady T. Following the exchange of a Budweiser cocktail (Tori's preferred bottle back then), the seasoned woman would compensate Eve, the young lady being interviewed, with $200 for her time.

Following this, she would signal for Mr. M to join them and get acquainted with the potential new member of Tori's Girls. After another round of cocktails, Tori would inform the woman that Mr. M expressed an interest in taking her to one of the apartments leased through Tori's Secret. These apartments were situated in the luxurious Georgetown area, renowned for its upscale homes, hotels, restaurants, and shops in Washington DC.

With a smile that hadn't left Mr. M's face since he met Tori, he left the bar, heading to the apartment to properly interview Eve.

Following what always proved to be an enjoyable hour, Mr. M would post his review of Tori's new girl on the local message board the following day.

Inevitably, there would be replies along the lines of "damn! How do you get Mr. M's job"? To drive the other envious gents who made up our own little community crazy, Mr. M would post, the day before each and every interview, "Tori's meeting with a new girl tonight....stay tuned for my review tomorrow".

Such good times!

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