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I Touch Myself - Sexting With a Stranger

She sat waiting patiently for the payment into her online banking app.

This would be her first experience not only sexting but doing so as a job.

Tori had been involved in the adult entertainment industry, in one form or another, for all of her adult life. Yet somehow this platform for sharing moments, for partaking in mutual masturbation, had escaped her.

Having fucked and/or made love with thousands of men one would think she’d had her fill, pun intended.

Many would assume she had to fake being excited, and that sex with her would likely be more of a mechanical must do type of thing.

That is until they met her. One could immediately sense that this beautiful creature with an incredible body was the definition of seductress. She was known to take pride in her “super power”, and was made for sex both physically and mentally. Without doubt this was an addiction for her and she found no shame in that whatsoever.

She found sex, of almost any type, anywhere and at any time, with one or multiple partners to be exciting in and of itself.

When one started throwing different avenues of expression, such as sexting, role play, and toys into the mix, it added an exciting level of spice.

The growing anticipation of meeting this client through words only was new and therefore exhilarating. New tended to lend an air of excitement and this encounter was no different.

She was a writer, or at least fancied herself one, and knew how gents (and ladies) gobbled down her words like the most decadent dessert, but having someone on the other end, a fan, who could hold his own with her was exhilarating.

Or at last the idea was.

The moment drew near and her deep thinking was interrupted by that familiar cash register tone chiming on her phone. She smiled, licked her lips and began typing away.

The first thing she shared with him, in detail, was a description of the sexy little black 2 piece number she had on.

She spent time detailing the silky feel of the stockings, seeming to embellish her long shapely legs with a patch of lace around the top where they fastened to her garters.

Then the peek of creamy white skin above her garters, followed by the sexiest piece of all, her tiny thong, which was little more than a small patch of fabric with silky ties on either side.

He was instantly captivated by her words, the way she made him feel at ease, as though he was sitting alongside her and watching with eager pleasure.

Tori loved the high she derived from giving such immense pleasure to others. In all honesty, easily 90% of the men she had been intimate with, (and there are literally thousands) would consider her the best sexual experience, by far, of their lives. She attributed that to the fact that she was in it for more than the money.

She wondered, waiting for his reply, if her deeply rooted sexuality, her sheer off the charts seductive nature would come through in their exchange. In person she was well aware of the fact that others instantly perceived her as a seductress. She had a way about her that just radiated both sensuality and sexuality. It was hard to put into words, but whatever “it” was, she had it in spades.

Tori was also fully aware of the effect her fabulous, natural DDs (actually DD ½) had on others, and she knew they were a huge part of her sexuality. They were unbelievably perfect, still provided her with ample cleavage, and would rate better than most women half her age.

They were full and ripe, a soft white that showed the pale blue of her veins. Her nipples were large and sensitive, and could bring a grown man to his knees when hard and erect straining against a tight top.

Her eyes were a very dark brown and deep set. They sparkled when she spoke and became visibly smoky and sultry when the engine warmed up.

Then there were her lips, not too large, but not too thin either. They were soft and plump and one would imagine they must feel as soft as rose petals, if they were provided the opportunity to kiss them. They were always shiny and dewey, as if kissed by the morning air at sunrise.

Her client on the other end finally responded. She could see that he had typed and retyped his response prior to hitting the send button. A small smile came over her pretty face as she thought how similar this really was to meeting in person.

He was incredibly turned on by her yet equally as intimidated. As Tori had mentioned in a few of her journal entries, that quality, or characteristic of hers, was both a blessing and a curse.

It was crazy erotic to be with a woman who possessed such an abundance of expertise, but would any man ever fully satisfy her he had wondered? And more importantly would he, this particular man, be able to refrain from busting a nut without ever touching her?

Tori began to chuckle when he responded with a text saying basically just that.

She quickly put him at ease as their exchange continued:

T - “I’m sitting alone in my house right now with the lights low. Justify My Love by Madonna is playing softly in the background. The candles flicker as a soft breeze flows through the curtains. I am moving my hand over my pussy, through my lace thong. I feel hot, excited, as though I am physically and metaphorically heating up. The soft air flowing past me gives me a small shiver. It takes my breath away as I inhale deeply.

Tell me what you’re doing? Are you touching yourself, imagining it is my hand? Long gorgeous nails cupping your balls?”

Him - “Fuck that is so hot! Are you really playing with yourself or just saying that?”

T - “Oh I don’t have time for games. Of course I’m touching myself. As a matter of fact my fingers have now slipped underneath the soft delicate fabric of my panties. I bring my fingers to my mouth to wet them, wishing you were here with me.

If you were, I would gently slide my fingers over your lips, and then into your mouth.

Withdrawing them slowly, I would move them to my waiting pussy, slipping them over my clit as I’m doing now.

I can feel my pussy warming up, beginning to get wet. Tell me, are you touching yourself right now?”

Him - “Uhhhhh…uhhh. Yea, keep talking…PLEASE

T - “What? Do you want me to tell you juicy and wet it sounds, pushing one, and then two fingers in and out of my pussy? Do you want to know how much I wish I weren't alone as I’d love to share the sweet musky taste of my twat with you. Or perhaps if I had a girlfriend with me. Would that be something you would enjoy watching?”

Him - “Fuck have you been with other chicks? That is so hot!”

T - “But of course! There’s nothing like the feel of another woman’s hands, skin and lips on mine. The soft delicate kisses, somehow tasting sweeter than that of a man. The way her lips, wet with gloss, slide down my neck. Her breath, warm and moist against me. My hands full of her long hair, pushing her lower… watching intently as she gently licks my nipples. Her soft pink tongue like a wet fire against me.

She would gently make her way down, her lips never parting from my skin, as she moved to my thighs.

Her kisses would be maddening close yet so far from my throbbing clit.

Are you still there?”

Him - “Hell yes, go on. My cock is visually throbbing and I don’t recall ever having been this turned on.

T - “I would open my legs for her, gasping in pleasure as she gently spread my pussy lips apart.

She would take my clit into her mouth, biting down ever so lightly. Her tongue would tease, flicking gently over my hot flesh.

I would push her head harder into me and feel my juices flowing into her mouth as she fucked me with her tongue.

Her fingers would be working their magic, stimulating my clit while her tongue continued its dance.

I would cry out as I orgasmed, feeling myself incredibly turned on all over again as she lapped at my essence, now freely leaking out of me.

Did I lose you?”

Him - Oh no, but I'm about to lose my load here. You are incredibly sexy given that you can turn me on through words on a screen!”"

One of his hands was gripping his cock, the other caressing his balls.

He had poured lube down his shaft, imagining it was her cum as he fucked her hard, the warm liquid leaking down her thigh onto his full balls.

He could picture this incredibly sexy woman opening herself to another woman who was as hungry for her as he was.

Reading and rereading her words was enough to cause him to grasp the edge of the sofa, biting down to stifle the scream waiting to explode as he erupted in orgasm, cum shooting in the air and then landing to rest on his skin.

Him - “That was incredible! Oh my gosh I can’t even tell you how turned on you have me! Can we do this again tomorrow?”

T - “I'm on the edge of orgasm here, the sweet scent of sex beginning to fill the air as my body shakes and shudders, completing overtaken by the intensity

Pausing long enough to taste her sweet cum, and to catch her breath Tori went on.

T - “I can’t stop myself from recalling the many times I enjoyed with Paige, the woman I was just telling you about.”

As their time came to an end they said their brief goodbyes.

The session had been fabulous, for both, and somehow, through words on a screen, they had formed a connection.

They signed off, having booked another appointment for the next day. He felt as though he died and gone to sex heaven, ad he knew it was just a matter of time until he had to have her, in the flesh.

Tori grabbed her new pink vibrator that felt as soft as her own skin and continued playing….there were more clients to chat with and she had already reached the foregone conclusion that she loved sexting!

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