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Human kindness

Here's a step off the path we travel together to share a moment of human kindness that should warm the heart. Today is the anniversary of my first granddaughters death, so as you can imagine it's a very sad and difficult day for my family. That said, there is a recently dropped bourbon (who knew they dropped fine alcoholic beverages the way they do albums) that shares the name of our little angel. My daughter tried to get her hands on a bottle, including lining up outside the ABC store an hour before they opened the day this particular bottle was due to be dropped. She wants it as a gift to my ex, her dad. So, after having no luck at any store in the DMV she took to Facebook and asked if anyone had a bottle they were willing to part with. She briefly explained the reason she wanted the bottle, and within minutes some stranger posted that he had a bottle. Immediately following that a gentleman, again a stranger, said he would throw in $20 bucks towards the purchase. The thread grew longer and longer, each new message filled with that touch of raw, pure love and caring that people can have for one another, even if they have never met. At the end of the day, the gentleman with the bottle gifted it to my daughter and simply asked that she pay it forward. Now tell me that doesn't tug on the heartstrings!

Happy holidays to you all!

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