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How did I get my start in this biz...

That's usually the first question I hear once someone finds out what I do for a living and they aren’t too shy to ask questions.

Truth be told, I both welcome and expect there to be a flood of questions.

I'm always a tad perplexed and maybe even a bit offended when someone doesn't want to pick away at my brain.

I mean, how often does one meet a woman who has not only been a madam at one point, but "The DC Madam" no less. Or "The Queen of the DC Escort Scene '' and so on.

So here is the answer in a nutshell.

I was about 6 months into my separation from my ex husband and I woke up one morning and realized I was broke....and incredibly horny.

I had a little less than $100 to my name and hadn’t had sex (with someone else in the room) for four years! Yes, four long and agonizing years. For the record, that was my husband’s call, not mine. And yes, I was as hot then as I am now.

Being the resourceful and independent woman that I am, it didn't take long for the proverbial light bulb to begin radiating above my head.

I thought to myself, "Self, let's kill those two birds with one stone".

Later that day I took my three young children to the public library and, while they perused all the delightful children's books, I made a few copies of the DC yellow pages (for you young uns that's what we used before the internet came about).

I had three pages of escort agency ads stuffed into my diaper bag as we piled into the minivan.

The following day, after dropping the kids at school and preschool, I set about making a few calls.

It wasn't scary or anything remotely close to nerve racking. After all, I was once chased by a pimp on 14th street in old school DC!

I was wearing spandex and stilettos, as was my girlfriend, and as cliche as it is, he was wearing a long fur coat and fedora.

That was a close one. I often wondered how I am possibly still alive!

Sorry, digress, that's a story for another time.

The first agency I got through to set up an appointment with me the following day.

So, off to my closet I went in search of something suitable to wear to such an interview.

The next day I met the woman at a restaurant just outside DC.

I walked in and caught her eye right away.

By the time I got to the table she said "when do you want to take your first appointment"?

I’m not even kidding! The entire meeting consisted of the woman looking me up and down and saying, yeah, you're in.

The following day I scraped together the wee bit of money I had, which included a trip to cash in my coins, and rented a cheap motel room in Arlington VA, just outside our nation's Capital.

The woman, whose name escapes me, set me up with clients, back to back, all day long.

By the end of the day I had a grand in my purse, which was just my cut, a well used pussy, and a shit eating grin on my face.

After picking up the kids I splurged a little and took them to Red Lobster. That was my idea of a nice restaurant at the time. Believe me, my tastes have changed since then.

The kids even got two, count em two, add on lobster tails each lol.

The second day I made $1100 and met a gent who would change my life.

This fella, let's call him Jim, asked me why I wasn't advertising online (or whatever they called it back then).

I told him I didn't even own a computer, so he told me I just had to come visit him the following day at his home.

The next day, at the appointed time, I pulled up to his super nice condo and sat down with a Budweiser (after he fucked my brains out of course), and he pulled up a site called The Big Doggie.

I couldn't believe what he was showing me!

I’m assuming it’s likely the same reaction you gents have when you find your first escort site.

I went through all the ads, reading the bios, soaking in the beautiful women in front of, and then asked him to take me to Best Buy to get myself a computer....a white one haha.

It took me a while to get registered and to place an ad, which was free at the time, but once I did my phone and emails lit up!

I loved hearing "you've got mail", broadccasting how popular I had quickly become. Damn I miss that voice.

I'd answer the computer guy saying something along the lines of "yeah I do"!.

The third guy I saw (at $225 an hour) was the most respected reviewer on the site and he loved me! Go figure!

He wrote a mind blowing erotic review the following day. I really wished I had saved that, but alas I didn't think that far ahead.

Once that review went up I was booked solid for a week.

After that I upgraded my digs from the Days Inn to a Marriott suite.

Things continued to go crazy for me, like a regular business owner opening their doors and becoming the top gig in town within two weeks.

At some point, about a month into my new life, I emailed the top girl on the message board.

I apologized if I was being intrusive, but explained that I was new to this, didn't have anyone I could confide in that would be able to relate stories of the biz, and wondered if she would mind if we met for a cocktail one day.

To my delight and surprise she responded that same night and invited me to meet her for dinner the following evening at Old Ebbitt Grill in DC.

I've never been so nervous about a date in my life!

I probably went through five outfit changes until I found the perfect attire, Aly McBeal sexy short skirt and blazer.

When I arrived, rather nervous, I didn't see her.

The host asked if it was a table for one, and I told him that no, I was meeting a friend.

"Miss Cassie I assume"? he replied.

I nodded my head and he took me to the table.

I caught my breath as I got my first look at her. She was stunning, absolutely stunning.

She stood to greet me with a warm embrace, and asked the host to have our server bring us a bottle of Opus One (which I later found out was a very fine wine). All I knew is that it was better than Boones Farm!

We chatted like all friends, dined on raw oysters, and exchanged stories.

At one point she told me how her ex boyfriend and ex best friend had ripped her off, stealing not only money but clothing and fine jewelry as well.

"Oh damn, that's gotta suck" I replied.

"Oh not a biggie. When you make 12 grand a week cash you can just buy more".

I kid you not when I say I had a mini orgasm right then and there.

If I had a dick it would have thumped against the underside of the table.

I was over the moon, crazy excited, realizing how financially well I was going to continue to be, and rather sexually satisfied!

So many stories to tell, but alas the dogs need to go out!

Catch you guys tomorrow!



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