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Having fun at Only Fans!!

Hi everyone! I have been busy creating an account on OnlyFans as I think it best to offer both my stories and pics/videos on one platform. I will be putting a hold on the Patreon account and offering my stories (and images for those interested) at It’s a rather interesting platform and their terms are much less stringent when it comes to adult content. Here’s an interesting tidbit: one cannot process credit card sales through their site if there is any type of adult content. If I were selling sex toys, or physical books I’m good. But selling an art form such as writing is not permitted. I often wonder why the same merchant services account who denied me is fine with processing the sales at OnlyFans. And we all know (or at least hope) the aforementioned site is full of porn! Interesting! I even have to watch what i say on Instagram. I tell ya, the most uptight people see to be the ones with quite the double standard! OK, on to brighter subjects! I am in the process of writing a story about the odd, different, and downright outrageous requests I have ever heard! The one about being “roasted like a chicken” comes to mind as the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard! More details soon! Cheers, t

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