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Harper's coming out of her shell

Harper is one of my recent recruits, although initially, I had reservations about whether she would meet the standards. I recognize that engaging in the adult entertainment industry requires a certain type of person, and Harper, much like Ava, didn't approach me seeking employment; I actively recruited her.

I acknowledge that nerves must come into play, and I completely understand. However, I can't personally relate, as I harbored aspirations of becoming a model after watching a movie about it during my childhood. And now, here I am!

Tori's has been a fixture long before the Craigslist era, and I take pride in upholding a stringent standard for models, encompassing not just looks but also attitudes and, if you will, "performance." I have never, nor will I ever, settle for anything less than excellence. A testament to this is evident in the remarkable example of Ava Grace. That’s one hot chick, mmmmm, yea!

Ok, back to Harper…..

She seemed to be a bit checked out during her first two appointments ...yes, I observe, teach, encourage, suggest and get my pussy wet while sitting on a stool observing my girls during their afternoon trysts.  At least in the beginning.

I talked to her about not being present in the moment and she said yes, it was likely nerves.

Then I thought to myself, let’s  see how she does in a freaky situation. I’m gonna introduce her to Old Man Bob, one of my top clients.

I explained OMB’s predilection for bondage and roleplay figuring this was gonna either make or break her lol.

In the past I have tied OMB to the bed, nice and tight, he (or is it I) like to leave marks.  He can then innocently touch those indentations on his wrists and ankle while his wife, Old Flannel, aka wifey, bitches about anything, everything.  He told me he enjoys looking at pics of me while muttering “yes dear”, swipe lol

So OMB arrives for the appointment he had booked  with Harper, Ava and I for an hour.  Ava, having been taught  by The Master (me lol), is now sharing her wisdom with the new girl.  

Harper wore a black strappy bodysuit with black stockings and garter, as well as a leather cat woman style mask.

After my suggestions to perch above the old guy’s face, letting him inhale her essence yet not allowing him to fulfill the craving for touch, Harper seemed to be getting into it.

As I watched, thinking how friggin awesome my life is, while rubbing my clit, wet with the juice of my twat, Harper blossomed!  She yanked the hell out of this guy's cock and suddenly a mischievous, evil little smile came over her face.  She seemed to literally fall into the role of dominatrix, and readily joined Ava in bringing the guy to the edge over and over again, taunting him with threats of stopping when he was on the edge.  Or, as was his preference, continuing to stroke and rub the head after he exploded all over someone, everyone's tits!

I do believe the lady is coming out of her shell and that I’ll have another keeper!

What a fun Monday afternoon that turned out to be!

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