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Good morning beautiful

I woke up to the feel of my hands cupping my breasts. My nipples are hard, sensitive to the feel of the luxury cotton sheets and that of my touch gently caressing, waking me with a slow smile and a wet pussy.

I shift beneath the covers, finding one hand moving, not really under my control as it moves lower to the wet spot between my legs.

The dream was intense, incredibly real, one of those that blurs the lines of reality and sleeping fantasy as I lay, half asleep, half awake and fully aroused.

I look over at my lover, sleeping soundly next to me, feeling his cock grow hard as it presses into my side. Did he share the dream with me, I wonder as I look at him, watching a slow smile come over his face.

I begin to massage my clit, my expert touch making it grow hard beneath the feel of my fingers, suddenly plunging inside the heat of my twat. I use my own wetness to lubricate my fingers, causing them to move like liquid heat over my swollen clit.

He moves closer, as though caught in that space between reality and a dream state. I wonder if he is swimming in thoughts of what I am doing next to him, as he begins moaning softly.

The feel of his cock, now rock hard, moving against me is all it takes to bring me to an instant orgasm. I shudder and bite my left, luxuriating in the day's first explosion. He moans grow louder, as though sensing my excitement.

Slowly, quietly I move lower, raising the sheet and moving lower in the bed until my mouth reaches what I want. My breath is hot against his skin. I take him into my mouth, lips open wide, not touching him but allowing the moist warmth of my breath to caress him. When there is nowhere left to go, without touching him, I take him deep into my throat. I can feel the wet precum running down my throat, hearing “oh my gawd” in a slow wiper that escapes his mouth. He moves his hands, in an almost involuntary motion, to the back of my head, pushing me into his crotch.

My nails move beneath his balls, to that sweet spot between his manhood and ass, and I begin a motion that almost tickles ye

t provides intense pleasure. My touch is at once deep and intense, while remaining almost imperceptible.

I decide I want his first load in my mouth, and I begin to suck to harder as I grip the base of his rod, moving him in and out of my mouth, the wet sounds of a sloppy blowjob filling the room.

He moves as though wanting to pull me away, begging me to sit on his cock so he may bring me the same intense pleasure. My mouth pulls away, but only briefly enough to tell him I want his first load filling my mouth, my throat, leaking out onto my lips. The taste of my juice from our love making from the night before makes for a delicious combination as the musky hue fills my mouth, overtaking all my senses at once.

He explodes as tough on command, his load is huge, his hands forcing my head to bury in his balls as I drain them.

I long to kiss him, allowing him to share in the taste of his load, mixed with the taste of my pussy from moments before as I brought myself to intense levels of pleasure.

His hands move to my tits, huge and swelling against his chest.

“My turn….again…” I whisper as I move to sit on his face, longing for the feel of his tongue fucking me……

Good morning guys!

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