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Fun with T~n~A

I can't believe I didn’t  notice "Tori and Ava" as being TnA lol.

Ave Grace, the A in TnA,  and I are heading to Philly this week, Wednesday through Saturday morning.

On our last visit I introduced Ava to a gentleman friend of mine and the three of us spent hours together sipping cocktails, cracking jokes, telling stories (I have a zillion), and getting frisky!

The gent in question had never been with two women before and,of course we expected him to be a tad nervous. Somehow that didn't happen.  We got along like old friends, and the playful banter that quickly led to the gentle touch of a manicured hand on his arm, or one of us leaning into him as we all bellowed in laughter over a joke or the like.

The gent had a decent cocktail buzz, I had a great weed buzz, and sweet Ava was lit up like a firework!  And let me tell you, that wild child cut loose, over the top manic yet incredibly sweet and playful woman helped in providing for one of the best threesomes of my life!

Neither Ava or myself is into girl on girl action, but we easily slip into a roleplay that is simply playing out our reality.

I recruited Ava from what I call a “normal people job”, and although she is a sexual dynamo,  I did have to coax, encourage and/or demonstrate for her on more than a few willing men.  I, the master, was teaching Ava, the eager student, how to truly please both the man and herself in the brief encounters we share with our clients/friends.

Anyway, earlier that day I had filled Ava in on the clients we would be seeing.  One of the gents was very into leaving his demanding job and role as a CEO outside the door, relinquishing power to both Ava and myself. “Nothing too rough” I told her, but definitely let him know who's in charge.

After a few drinks with our friend “J”, things started to move along rather nicely.  Both Ava and myself started with his lips, covering him in deep, wet kisses, then slowly moving down his chest.  We paused at his crotch, breathing heavily on his skin and watching the goosebumps of pleasure forming.  After teasing him in this manner for a bit I raised up on my knees and began licking the head of his cock, playing it like a fine instrument built solely for my pleasure.

His sweet precum was leaking onto my waiting tongue as Ava moved her head and hands lower, cradling his balls while breathing her moist heat on him.

It didn’t take long for Ava to straddle “J” and pin his arms down.  The look on her face grew almost serious as she took control of my friend, lightly biting him and sucking the fuckin hll out of his cock.

Later, as we all reminisced over the hours spent together, it came to light that Ava though “J” wanted her to take control  “She bit me” he confessed to me…”and I kinda liked it” he stated with a shit eatin grin!

Yada yada, we ended up at the casino together,hanging at the bar and watching some Jersey Shore looking chicks trying to steal the limelight of the dance floor from a smaller group of women.  

For me, the evening consisted mainly of being a spectator…..of the women dancing, imaging their background stories, the sweet woman probably my age who had a smoking body, even though she was dressed like an old lady.  At one point I went to her and whispered in her ear that she had a banging body.  She was instantly beaming in pleasure at the compliment, while I was making a mental note to have recruitment business cards made up!  Lol, except I really did!

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