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"Flash for Cash" Tori's Breasts' Stories"#2

A while back I went to a Tom Jones concert with a couple of friends. There was a cute 20-something girl in the seat next to me, and she said her mom had told her that women often threw their bras and/or panties on the stage. She asked if I had plans of doing that. I told her no, I wasn't even wearing a bra! At that moment I decided I was gonna rush the stage and flash him. It was in a smaller DC venue, so getting past security was pretty easy. As he was singing "It's Not Unusual" I saw my chance and headed for the stage ...walking slowly as though returning to my seat. As Tom (we're on a first name basis now, JK) moved to the center of the stage I ran forward, lifting my halter top up so he had a perfect view. It was chilly in there so my tits looked great! He messed up the song he was singing, and quickly declared that he had been singing that song for 30 years and this was the first time he recalled messing it up. Security was slow to react as I had captured their attention as well. I lowered my shirt and hurried back to my seat. I was greeted by high fives and cheers along the way. After the concert we headed to the bar next door. It was crowded at the entry, so I grabbed a chair and stood on it to see if the bar itself had any seats. Some guy saw me and shouted out "Hey it's the flasher....clear a path"! Once again people started cheering and moving aside as though I were a celebrity! What an amazing night! Hey, this shit is going on my tombstone!


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