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"Flash for Cash" Tori's Breasts Stories"#1

So my earlier post announcing "Flash for Cash" reminds me of the numerous times my breasts have worked magic for me.

My first brief story is from attended a shit load of Jimmy Buffet concerts.

If you've been to one of his concerts, forgive me for boring you with this little detail, but you're sure to love the ending!

At every concert there are these guys with video cameras cruising around on golf carts videoing the crazy, fun and often raunchy behavior of the concert goers. The footage (at least the good stuff) is then broadcast on a screen on stage.

I went to his concerts 16 years in a row and , I say with pride, I made it on to that screen every time!

Not only that but I flashed Jimmy from one of the closer tiers and he told security to let me and my friend up front!

Good times (great tits)!

There was one concert where this guy had a Don's john on the back of his pickup ad was charigning cash or flash for use of the facilities.

My sister in law hunted me donw whle tailgating and took me to the truck. She told the guy I'd flash and the three of us women got front of the line rights for the entire day!

So I was once pimped out for a portapotty lol.

I asked the guy if he made good money as the line was pretty long! He said yes, and then I asked what his overhead was (rental of the portapottie).

He laughed and said "Zero,...I steal one every year! LMAO

Later that week I saw what I assume was his stolen plastic bathroom on the side of the road not far from Jiffy Lube. I have no doubt that was his version of returning the toilet!

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