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Dildos and Barstools


Tori appeared both angelic and devilish as she stepped into the red two-piece lingerie set he had bought for her. He nodded in admiration as she paused, slowly turning to allow him to savor every inch with his eyes. Seating herself on a barstool, she took a sip of her Baileys, engaging in playful banter while whispering words he could barely hear. Her body moved and gyrated in the air, her touch tantalizing as she looked deep into his eyes. She lifted her lace skirt to reveal the fleshy dildo she was sitting atop.

Having known her and shared her bed for over a decade, he was continually astounded that she remained the most desirable creature on earth. Tonight, she would be his. He loved how the lace of the vibrant red fabric clung to her body, and he knew every penny spent was worthwhile as he approached her, passionately kissing her while fervently tearing the fabric from her magnificent form

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