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Definition of a Courtesan

A Courtesan is, by all accounts, a provider of personal and intimate services to upscale and generous gentlemen…as well as a handful of ladies who partake in the “hobby”.

This is a very broad and general definition that simply doesn’t sync with the depth of what a true courtesan is.

She is an artist, a master of her craft.

She is intelligent, well educated and well versed.

As a conversationalist there is no one better. She is a listener, leaning in and giving you her undivided attention as you feel a reflection of your emotions flowing through her.

She is a talker, but her stories and the level of interest piqued in anyone she meets make that facet an endearing quality.

She is sexy. Not sexy like the women overflowing our magazines and tv screens, but sexy in a way that is almost palpable.

She radiates an almost indescribable level of energy and sensuality.

She seems to glow with the knowledge that her secrets are lying just beneath the surface, making her feel alive and rejuvenated at all times.

She is arm candy.

You will be the envy of any man in any setting, and at any event you might inviter her to.

She is the woman in the room everyone seems captivated by.

She is well groomed and impeccably put together, carrying herself with a confidence that seems to exude from her.

She takes impeccable care of herself, and treats her body as the temple you choose to worship at.

She thrills at wearing upscale lingerie, especially when given to her as a gift.

You would have to spend time in her presence to have a real grasp of why she is there for the upper echelon of business men.

She is all of this and so much more.

She is your dream. Not the woman you want to quibble over everyday matters with, but the woman in whose arms you find a release like no other.

An emotional, intellectually, and sexually charged release that is incomparable is a given each time you visit her.

A Courtesan: Tori

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